Why Shallon Lester's Content Is Harmful & Problematic


hey y’all, in todays video I discuss the youtuber Shallon Lester and her problematic content that is extremely harmful to impressionable people & people’s mental health. I do so by explaining the shadey ways her channel has gained its success and by reacting to some of her shocking videos.

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  1. The only reason why you did a video on this despite dangelowallace thorough video on this is for the views, don't lie to yourself 😅

  2. FINALLY someone is covering this omg i watched her video where she was bashing kylie jenner and diagnosing her with all these insecurities and whatever and the entire time it was just coming off as really judgemental and unnecessarily mean rather than helpful and it wasn't sitting well with me at all

  3. This lady seems seriously unstable. Thank you for making this video. Ready to Glare made a video on her as well and i'm happy you are both calling her out. Thank's , Roniela G

  4. Shallon Lester is closer to 40….Shallon Lesters background employment is as best questionable and she was let go by her previous employer for whatever reasons which she never elaborates on…Shallon Lester gives out dating advice and at 40 has yet to sustain a relationship…I used to be a fan too but she got very dark and very cruel it got very uncomfortable to watch her content..Just think she is making money off young girls 12 to 16 and influencing them on all of the above .. Not to mention she charges $30 to give one on one advice on her website regarding relationships etc she also has made it very clear her followers a source of revenue at not much else….Very Scary…

  5. What bugs me about the Pete Davidson part is that BEING suicidal and having suicidal thoughts is COMPLETELY different. You can have those thoughts and never plan on acting on them or even want to act on them whereas actually planning ways to do it even if you don’t go through with it is totally different and neither of them should be taken lightly because just thinking those thoughts can easily turn into wanting to enact on them when there is someone like shallon literally telling you if you think about it but know you’ll never do it that you’re lying/attention seeking/WHO ASKED/you shouldn’t talk about it etc. It’s SO toxic and as someone who has had suicidal thoughts but never wanted or even thought about actually going through with it for the same reasons as Pete has described it’s so sad to hear someone belittling it because it is still a problem, you still need to talk about it and you still need to get help and support for it because it doesn’t just go away. Not to mention her complete hypocrisy and ignorance when it comes to self harm saying “no one asked” then bringing up her own experiences immediately after trying to validate her opinion as if because SHE went through it she is allowed to judge someone she has never met and knows nothing about.

  6. Love the positive side of this message, but should you, not a creator of the platform, or the genre, be saying her content and channel should not be available on the platform. You seem like a very well versed and amazing individual, but that is(in my opinion) a not so purposeful hypocritical statement. That being said, are you wanting her removed from the platform, because your opinion drastically changed about one of your idols, or because you want recognition for removing the "Toxic"(not disagreeing, just using your reference) person/content? If so that is ok, I just want a clearer opinion on you before my subconscious predetermines how I see you and your content.

  7. Idk how this popped on my timeline however, I still watched. This woman is a basket case. She’s a privileged white woman who thinks her opinion should hold prevalence because, her viewers gave her the power to do so. She’s a monster and evil .. there’s a difference between all in good fun “gossip” and just being a nosey ass bitch…

  8. In her defense, the COVID-19-videos are meant to help people navigate these difficult and uncertain times by giving tips and advice. I don't see how that is wrong, nor how one could 'capitalize' off of a global pandemic. Her 'How to cheat'-video was part of a Halloween series called 'Evil Week', which basically covered topics from revenge to cheating from the perspective of the devil's advocate. It was very interesting and I never got the impression that she actually wanted people to cheat. Regarding her clickbait titles, she does tend to do that. A lot. However, so do many other youtubers and I personally don't consider this a real reason to be roasted/cancelled.

    I think the main reason why people have a problem with her, is that she's old-fashioned. Many youtubers nowadays bathe in their righteous wokeness and roast others who disagree/haven't yet heard. The fact that she's not a mental health advocate in the 2020-sense and supports traditional values in men, apparently rubs people the wrong way. I get this, but I don't get how she deserves to get so much hate for that. 

    I don't agree with her on everything and sometimes she reaches and speculates too much in celebrities' lives, but she puts a lot of effort in her videos and, as you said, has a lot of contacts in NYC and the gossip world so it's not too unlikely that she would hear these stories somewhere.

  9. Ive only watched a handful of her videos and was entertained by a few. But wow, I had no idea she was this fucked up. I got annoyed at the recent one about Selena because I had no idea how much she hated on her for no reason at all. Fair to not like her or her music, but how she kept calling her a goose pissed me off. Like shut up dude, thats not even useful content.

    And the fact that she thinks that white males cant have issues…just wow. My husband is a white dude who has anxiety and ptsd because he was attacked in his home and almost murdered. So I guess his feelings arent valid? Ok then

  10. Her ire towards all kids gives me bad vibes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think all women live to have babies- I’m 38 and will likely never have one. But her genuine disdain for them just rubs me the wrong way. It’s like people who hate animals or something, there’s just something missing there.

  11. It’s really disappointing so many videos of her now on YouTube. I really liked her – yes! She is very charismatic for sure! Probably why I was drawn to all her videos but yes she really puts her foot in it and her commentary would make me uncomfortable and like 😬 careful girl your mouth is going to get you in trouble now look! It will won’t be long till someone sues her.

  12. I have to say, one thing that makes me happy is that people who are younger than Shallon by 10-20+ years are all view her advice with so much more empathy to issues like depression and anxiety than Shallon ever does. Shallon acts like it should be stigmatized and avoided but the people saying Shallon is problematic are saying, "people with this deserve understanding and not to feel like they're to be avoided." Maybe Shallon grew up in a different time where it was okay to behave that way but seeing how she acts makes me realize we've come along way.

  13. would love to see you talk about why she lured you in more…
    ps- you remind me of Caroline from real housewives for some reason (in a good way) lol


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