Wamp Server not Working? 100% Working Solution to fix the problem.


Is your wamp server not working? No problem- go through this simple solution to fix your problem.
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It is often seen that Wamp Server does not work properly and even fails to start if there is an port clash with some software like Skype or Teamviewer in which case the color of WAMP server icon changes to Red or Orange. The green color of the icon means it is working properly without an error. In this video, we have explained how you can tell skype to not use the default port 80 and 443 and also in case this does not solve the problem, you can change the default port 80 to 8080 in Apache’s configuration file i.e. httpd.conf




  1. Cool man it worked. For you with windows 8, in the control panel click on Administrative Tools then on the Services.

  2. hello sir my wamp server not working error is information not avalibal (mght be skype ) but skype is not running in my system i am very confused
    any one plz help me


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