Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson test positive to coronavirus in Australia | 7NEWS


Legendary US actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are in isolation at Gold Coast University Hospital in Australia after testing positive to coronavirus. Read more:

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  1. Do you find it odd that tom Hanks has run away from America he's hiding in his $ 900 billion dollar home…
    he also played the part of the neighborhood pervert ( named Mr Rogers )
    creepy Tom Hanks as Mister Rogers I preferred Eddie Murphy as Mister Rogers '' in Da Hood ' version
    I can imagine Mister Rogers having weiner fights with Joe Biden the dog rapist ( who lives next door )

  2. Go to Brian Staveley's channel and you'll find the truth about Hanks. Everything else here is TOTAL UTTER LIES AND PROPAGANDA – VIRUS's CAN"T BE TESTED BY SWABBING – HOW CAN YOU TRUST THESE LIARS?? Watch him become a poster boy for the vaccine….. and he'll miraculously recover.

  3. We just let him fly in with the virus, for a holiday? Well i know one thing for sure, his son looks like a decorated douchebag, im sure they can afford shirts if they bought him all those tats, we had 129 cases, now its 131, over one percent of our cases are tom hanks and his wife and it could have been easily avoided, i suppose katy airhead perry has it too….wtf, its a pandemic people are dying.

  4. Good thing they didnt have to line up outside one of those pop up clinics and wait a couple of hours, like Aussies are forced to do, to try to get a test. It would have been embarrassing for the Government if the world media had found how little is actually being done over here for Aussies getting the virus…

  5. What happens if both of them require ICU treatment? They would deprive two locals (Australians) from accessing those beds. ICU beds are limited.

  6. So sad. Tom should have listened to the news then he'd have learned how to wash his nasty scratchers. Sing Happy birthday twice ,Tom, and get those scratchers clean with soapy water before you eat.

  7. So world's number 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 th best biomedical faculty holder universities should have found new vaccine, cures against coronavirus, ebola, bird flu, cancer uptil now. They have been sucking the bloods of the donations, philantropies of the alumni, the caregivers by monetary means to those institutions. Prior dean of University of Southern California Los Angeles had been caught with metamphatamin, ectasy, heroin, weed and as sugar daddy to some LA ladies and had been earning 120.000 USD per month with those heavy dose of drugs. UCSD is another very prestigious institution in biomedicine, 3rd among the world biomedical faculties.

  8. trillions & trillions of coronaviruses are so tiny they are suspended in the air and can travel very long distances until it finds its next victim.

  9. Funny how no one has really said get well Tom, that’s because he has been exposed as dirty old pedo like the rest of the holloyweird scum… he doesn’t have coronavirus, it’s all staged to give him sympathy and promote vaccines and other deadly “cures” for the slave masses. This is ridiculous

  10. So they say only 15 people tested positive to the coronavirus in australia and they are one of them? Seems to me its much more then only 15 people.


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