Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson test positive for coronavirus


Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have tested positive for the coronavirus, Hanks revealed Wednesday.

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  1. This needs to be taken seriously ! Cases are popping up left and right near my job in midtown doing my best to keep from getting it , checking temp. 2x a day , vigorous hand washing and not touching my face ! Not to mention attempting to avoid sick ppl as best as possible

  2. 7 Strains of Coronavirus. Reports made, that a strain, is a bio agent. We will not know the true fallout of this Global Pandemic. If it is carried in the air there is no way of stopping spread. At any age, error on the side of precaution.

  3. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the Australian folks began to BLAME THE HANKS for this virus. They could hate on them, boycott them, carry signs of hate in front of the hospital just like that hollywood crowd does to our President Trump. How that feel you two hollywood rich jokes of humans beings.

  4. There are Japanese guys in their 20s died recently. Their situation is heart breaking. Japanese government who is afraid of their Olympics being canceled, have refused testing people. So there are young people in Japan who are dying from the virus but not being classified as such so. Mortality rate for 30 something in China is also very alarming. It's not just for old people.

  5. I really like Becky. Good time or bad time, she always keeps her cool composure and presence, and at times like this, her manner like that gives a sense of assurance that things are gonna be OK.

  6. 100 dead from Coronavirus
    19000 dead from the flu, this year alone
    Don't worry Tom. Despite the panic the liberal media has stirred up, your chances of recovery are over 98%.

  7. I have not seen any numbers on cases found in North Korea. What has rocket man been playing with. Wouldn't put it past him

  8. Baaahaaa he’s an elite y’all wouldn’t doubt if it’s a fake ass story to help dems narrative 👍.. not a real story it’s is most like an agenda of FAKE news!!!!!

  9. You sir are absolutely right this has been totally minimized you are absolutely right! Thank you so much for trying to get the word out there people do not understand because they are not being given all of the information. Another factor is the hospitals being overloaded because so many have it because we have not mitigated we have not tested we have not tried at all to slow this disease it is going to be millions that die!

  10. Oh, no not them. I forgot for a moment that viruses don't choose people. It's sad but true. Hope they'll soon get better.

  11. Some look forward to receive the "Crown of Life", but these ones, the ank-🔑less, just get the "corona virus" (lies and misery).
    These actors are the undisputed, all-inclusive, unrestricted real planetary pandemic.
    Run Maga-rita, run Forest run…

  12. Total cases : 126,098
    Total Deaths : 4,666
    Find the latest data at
    #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaVirusUpdate

  13. Total cases : 126,098
    Total Deaths : 4,666

    Find the latest data at
    #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronaVirusUpdate

  14. Gosh darn it. Thanks Joe. I’m sick of hearing people blow this off and minimize it too. We need to take it seriously. 👍🏻

  15. He survived Saving private Ryan and is a survivor. Hanks asked for Wilson at the hospital but there is no Dr Wilson.


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