The Swoon reacts to The King: Eternal Monarch | SwoonWorthy Ep 1 [ENG SUB]


“Someone you must absolutely meet in life is not your soulmate. It’s your fangirl-mate.”
– Her Private Life (2019)

Meet Jen and Sarah: Friends, colleagues, and fangirls extraordinaire. You may know them as Dramabeans creators javabeans (Sarah) and girlfriday (Jen) where they were resident K-drama expert fans for over 10 years. 

To say Jen and Sarah love K-dramas would be an understatement—they live and breathe K-drama. They’ve been watching, squeeing, and writing about them for as long as they can remember, and you can bet they have lots to talk about.

Expect all things K-drama: recommendations on what to watch, an exclusive look at what goes on behind The Swoon, and first reactions of the hottest K-dramas coming up on Netflix. So laugh, cry, swoon and feel ALL the feelings with your fangirl-mates Jen & Sarah as they celebrate their love of K-dramas with you.

We’re kicking off the series with a premiere watch of Lee Min-ho’s highly anticipated comeback drama THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH, the latest from hit writer Kim Eun-suk. Jen & Sarah talk about familiar themes across her dramas, magical flutes, majestic white horses, and reasons why they’re excited about this drama!

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  1. Javabeans and Girlfriday🥰 this beanie has been reading their blog since forever aka since Korean guys still have those long side hair. Good to see them are well. Hail to Dramabeans!

  2. AH!! I love the honest criticism mixed with fangirling 😂 y’all are my favorites. I’ve missed hearing your voices!! Welcome back!

  3. Omo Omo Omo, Girlfriday and Javabeans. Watched this video just for you guys. My beanie heart is exploding with excitement to see you guys ♥️

  4. Hello. I haven't been assiduously watching K-dramas for quite some time now. And I'm looking for a really good one.
    Based on the initial episodes of TK: EM, would you recommend it or not. Kommawo in advance.


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