The Messenger – Underworld Seals of Power – All Seals Reward


The only area that has any seals of power left is the Underworld. Time to finish the collection. What’s in that sealed chest? Find out in episode 23 of this blind let’s play of The Messenger on Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Thanks for the upload, I've been stuck at 44/45 for a while now as I couldn't find #4 on this map. I've included time stamps for the locations of the seals.

    Seal #1 (first from the left) – 3:54 [top right hand corner of the screen, destroy the blocks]
    Seal #2 (middle one on top) – 6:40
    Seal #3 (middle one on bot) – 17:35
    Seal #4 (Far right of map) – 24:30


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