Testimonial about Magento Printshop Solution


I have T-shirt printing online store in Australia. I make this video to say thank Netbase team who provided a full printing solution based on Magento platform.
I have got confuse with many printing online providers a long time because I am a punctual man. Lucky for me, Ihave found a comprehensive printing solution for large business on Cmsmart marketplace by chance.
You know the attractive user interface andmany useful extensions that make me very satisfied. Specially, I love Price Matrix feature. It makes my customers easy to know how much they will pay.And they also see totally my business organization as well as specific printing production processes. It is great.
And one important thing that all our partners surprise is the sale volume increase after about 3 weeks. Amazing!!! Many people know about our site, traffic also increase.
I highly recommend this solution for all of you. I think you will not feel disappointed for sure.





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