Tannoy Canterbury GR.


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  1. Horrible bass. This song in particular has excellent bass, but on Canterbury it sound flat. Unfortunately this size of speakers doesen't guarantee big and meaty sound. I am speaking confidently because I owned many Tannoys ( Turnberry SE, Edinburgh, Kingdom 12, Glenair 15), and the only one which sounds good ( not excellent ) was Turnberry. The more expencive and bigger the model – the worse was the sound. Not to mention expencive hobby of changing electronics and cables. So, they look fabulous, they are expencive piece of furniture, but don't be fooled by that. And don't ever play it with Mcintosh electronics, you will get muffled sound without any excitement. Air tight, and small Leben 300 plays well with Tannoys. Leben cs 600 is horor match to Tannoys. I am writting this as advice, since I spent a fortune on these speakers and was never happy with the sound. Changed to Proac + valves, a music heaven !

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