T1 vs GEN Highlights ALL GAMES | LCK Spring 2020 Playoffs GRAND FINAL | T1 vs Gen.G


T1 vs GEN Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, ALL GAMES | LCK Spring 2020 Playoffs GRAND FINAL | T1 vs Gen.G

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  1. So much respect for T1 and also Gen.G especially Clid. I can't imagine how much pressure Clid had fighting against his old team, which is the most popular and legendary team in the world. If he lost, people would laugh about it just like this comment section.
    I really appreciate both team for showing wonderful games in this season. GG and good luck Clid you can do it!
    btw I am a huge Faker senpai's fan boy just like you :p

  2. the game i want to see. T1 vs C9 dont get me wrong ik how it will most likely turn out but C9 FTW. but also T1 are fucking beasts.

  3. Now i know that there top and jungler was super duper good they will be might be back at worlds as worlds champion
    Are you agree with that ?

  4. I think T1 is a Dangerious Team in LKC right now, not just they win this Series. They had a Chemistry, Teamplay, Communicate, Focus, and Objective better than last line up, Im just saying. Don't sleep on this team.

  5. I remember when Skt Clid was asked on who's the better jungler between him and Tarzan. He said that the jungler's performance depends on his laner's performance as well. I think that is why he looked like he played really bad this finals.

  6. idk why everyone is hyping canna up, he seemed like the weakest link in the team. Missed so many ornn ults and died a lot

  7. The humility shown by Canna is what will take him further in ESports. Amazing player! T1 is a monster team with superb line up. GGWP guys!


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