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  1. …this is not the good way, it's a Surface 3 not RT model. You need to create a Windows 10 bootable key and install Windows 10, same as a PC installation. Thumb down.

  2. WARNING a full reset changes the files, but it doesn't make all the files on your drive UNRECOVERABLE. You should WIPE the drive free space using c cleaner or other utility first if your sure the files on your system are sensitive, and then after once new system is up and running. ( WHY: Files when deleted effectively only remove the header part of the reference to the data on the drive. this means someone who knows what they are doing will still be able to possibly read files on your drive because the data has not necessarily been overridden.. its just that the address is lost to any new system. This is why government agencies tend to shred their hard drives rather than wipe them clean with rewrites which takes time and is costly).

    You're welcome

  3. What do I do if it is asking for me to enter recovery key but keyboard won't allow me to & screen keyboard only shows number


  5. I wanted to do the restart without effecting my files but I stopped when it said I would need certain files to download again after restarting. I have no idea if these files are easily attained after the restart?

  6. Thanks for the vid, my SP3 was acting up so I followed your instructions, but um….how do I install all the drivers now? doh

  7. ok so i kinda ran into a problem while resetting
    So basically when I intend to reset to factory settings, to wipe simply everything out from my computer.
    After clicking on reset, it says: Could not find a recovery environment, insert your windows installation or recovery media and then restart.
    Didn't work, so I tried Removing everything instead of uninstall and reinstall windows. No luck it says the same thing 🙁
    So what do I do now? I just want to reset everything and wipe out my settings! I have a backup file on my usb stick.
    What now?

  8. thanks so much the video was very useful i bought a surface pro 3, but the guy didnt delete his data he just gave me his password

  9. Wow! Nice video,I have to return my pro 3!its over heat I don't like it that's why I'm returning thanks for the help sir

  10. My tablet isn't opening the recovery option. I'm, on the recovery tab, but on the other side of the border it's completely blank. What can I do?

  11. Thanks.  I had a user who installed Win 10 Tech Preview and it was terribly unstable.  Was dreading trying to reinstall windows like on a PC.  Fortunately it shares the similarity of a normal tablet by allowing a factory reset without additional hardware or software!

  12. Just remove the files is good enough if you are going to keep the device. Fully clean the drive is great for if you were giving the device to someone, or returning it. It writes zeros across the whole drive so files cannot be restored.

  13. worked a treat… Had no files to worry about so I am happy as happy can be… Thank you for putting this stuff up….. Now AL my passwords are the same…. pings me off with millions of stupid passwords… different for bank but all others can bite me lololol thanks again


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