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My name is burt. I like to eat pies. Do you have pies? Pies are really good. You want to know why? Because pies are cIRcuLAR. Yes, the shape does influence the taste, you imbecile- my apologies, I did not mean to get my panties in a knot. Back to pies. Apple pie is my favourite, but it doesn’t taste so good. I like them because they are red on the inside. My favourite pie flavour-wise would have to be apricot pie. The best way I could describe the taste would be wet towel in sugar water. I can really taste the citric acid. Citric acid is good for the mind, body, soul and foot. But don’t take it from me, take it from your daughter. I heard she had an *affair* with your boss. Why was that relevant? Oh because she told me to back off. No, I am not trying to have an affair with your boss- ExcUSE yOU, How do you even muster the audacity to make such bogus claims? You’re a whole butt cheek on a stick, did you know that? Eat a duck, you insolent cow.

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  1. You should wash the tuna, you put it in a strainer, then you let the water wash it for a while and then you take out the excess water and there you eat it without taste of the liquid it comes with.

  2. this may be because it’s 2:40 am but i can swear i smelled your egg breath. also my dog is barking in his sleep

  3. 2:36 It’s become a thing that every time she’s about to say ravenous I scream it out before her …The inner five year old in me

  4. i dont kno what im doing in eight grade cuz here in seventh grade me and my gang make a space in the top section through cheating.


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