Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants Voters To Be Protected In November


The Senator from Vermont shares the concerns many Americans have about safely holding a general election at a time when social distancing may still be necessary. #StephenAtHome #BernieSanders #Bernie

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  1. Bernie is talking about republicans not wanting a high voter turn out with paper ballots which is good and important but he wont ever bring up election fraud by the dnc and their electronic voting machines that count paper ballots and can easily be miscounted. Bernie was winning in the polls before super tuesday after he won the first 4 states and all of a sudden Biden gets millions of more votes than he was projected to get. Some of the time the numbers were apart by 7%. Anything above 3 or 4% is voter fraud. Why doesn't Bernie or his campaign staff ever bring that up?

  2. The Democratic party could have delayed the Wisconsin primary, but the DNC doesn't care about human lives. They're monsters.

  3. Bernie needs to confront both parties! They all voted for the trillion dollar give-away and they need to be held accountable! But he won't do it cause he's too damn nice. That money should have been given to average americans!

  4. Bernie Sanders is one of the few politicians with true integrity. He could have "toned it down" to appeal more to centrists and establishment voters, but he didn't because he believes in what he's trying to do. So, so sad to see him drop out, and fuck this broken two party system.

  5. NOW you have BERNIE on your show ! wtf good does it do us now ! YOU SUCK COLBERT!🐸 hope your happy with trump you earned him 🏆

  6. Hate Bernie for being too good. Did not like the fact that he did not go after OBAMA, though he backstabbed him twice. However, his supporters are not gonna bear the DEMOCRATIC fooling again until JOE supports a few of Bernie's plans.

  7. I wish I could say that Joe Biden was as passionate and competent as Bernie. Oh America, you picked a bad time to believe that the establishment candidate is a winner.

  8. I'm so depressed that he dropped out I genuinely thought he was the only person to stop trump.. I think Biden is downhill from here.. it looks like we gonna have 4 more years of trump unfortunately

  9. Elections today in America are like reality TV shows, which is why degenerates like Drumpf won. Who's the most qualified? Who has the best, the most pragmatic policies that best serve the people? Who has the most integrity? Who has the best chance to do this job right?
    Unfortunately, these questions no longer matter. It has reduced to "who do I like", and "who hates the right people that I hate". This is not how democracy works.
    But this is not over. Bernie won't stop fighting, and neither will we. This is just a tiny battle in decades, if not centuries of political movement. The world spins forward, and the world IS becoming more and more progressive. Thank you Bernie for having been leading us all this time. We won't disappoint you.

  10. If The Dems don't pass Medicare For All during a Worldwide Pandemic, they can just SUCK IT. I will vote for no less, & will just stand aside, & watch America's Empire fall under Trump Uber Alles. Why not? Without healthcare, We are All dead, anyway🤧✌

  11. If not Medicare For All during a Worldwide Pandemic? When???
    Medicare For All, & Tuition Debt Forgiveness, or I WILL NOT VOTE IN A RIGGED SYSTEM, & you all can experience Trump Uber Alles for 4 years. And why not, without healthcare, or a job, I, & millions of Americans are dead anyway🤧✌

  12. Bernie, get the fk back in. Join the Green Party. Do something to disrupt the current nonsense in this campaign. At least go out in the fight. You will accomplish nothing on the side lines. We’re here. Where are you?

  13. Biden is going to die of a stroke in July. It's almost embarrassing, that humans still can't see into the future. Bots are superior. Russian bots are the most superior.

  14. Fortunately for us, most of Bernie's suggestions are a fact of life here in Australia !… Even our federal "Trump creature wannabe" federal government, has suprisingly worked with the opposition Labor party, independents and state governments, to provide assistance to worker's, the unemployed and business. Also here in Oz, Medicare for all is a fact of life. Best wishes from the land down under, stay healthy and keep up the inspirational great work Senator Sanders !…

  15. I'm not American n so dunno much about American politics. If Senator Sanders isn't gonna be P. Can he be VP? I think with 2 experienced politicians at its helm, the country will be able to get back on it's feet much faster. This pandamic is gonna change the way we see n do things in the future. Every country is gonna need strong leaders to see it thru. Hope everyone can n will stay safe during this difficult period.

  16. “Every day politicians are screwing up with regards to the coronavirus crisis. In countries where the government listened to experts (eg, Taiwan), the epidemic was contained, and in countries where the government ridiculed the experts (eg, the US), the crisis is spinning out of control. … Just imagine how much better the coronavirus crisis would have been handled if all the key decisions had been made by an expert panel of the WHO. Or the experts of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had managed the epidemic inside the US instead of the blustering orange buffoon in the White House."

    Read more about how we need more expert-driven democracy to avert global crises at:


  17. He has resonated so well to so many Americans that i can't see a new Bernie mindet person in the American future…
    Even over her in tiny little Denmark, a country that the senator offen referce to, he's made a hugh impact.
    I think we where many in DK who where sorry see him step down.

    Personal note:
    I love Bernie… I believe he's a step in the right the direction.
    That being sayed, where it down to a battle between Bernie Sanders and Jill Stien i would personaly vote for Dr. Stein…
    She's more inline with my own political ideas…

    Please like and comment…

  18. trump has no interest in stopping price gouging, that's been his bread and butter his entire life. He also won't let anyone pressure him into using the defense production act because again he and all his cronies would lose money. Greed is all he understands. Human life means nothing to him.

  19. Please turn up volume on all these videos please, I have only a phone n i have to put it in a glass bowl to hear

  20. Well said and express words about what we need to do to help each other. I am sorry to see him leaving but maybe it is for the best because he can still influence even more without the pressure of a campaign.

  21. Bernie… I knew you weren't serious about being president.
    Great acting though!

    The U.S. presidential race is a big theatrical event.

    Presidents are hand picked not elected.


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