One Chat – All in one Messenger for WhatsApp, Fb, Skype & more


One Chat – All in one Messenger for WhatsApp, Fb, Skype & more
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Available to download for: Mac & iPad
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Clean your MacBook PRO or Macpro or iMac dock with just one messaging app.

One Chat is pretty convenient in the workplace, but not being lost in search the different messaging apps and replying to them.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, YahooChat, ICQ chat, HipChat, Discord, GroupMe, QQ, Facebook Page messenger VK, Fleep, RocketChat, MySMS, IRC Chat, TweetDeck Tinder.

Note: One Chat is a wrapper app, combining all the messaging services. Experience will be 100% similar to web extension of those services, which extra features as follows.

▸ QQ & WeChat only works for old users of them.

▸ Schedule message to send them at a planned time.
▸ Send and receive Photos, Videos, doc, PDF..etc
▸ Use Multiple parallel accounts of the same service.
▸ Touch Bar support in 10.12 to select messaging services.
▸ Remember passwords for easy login.
▸ Get respective Notifications alerts and reply from the same.
▸ Auto Smart Gifs for messaging friends
▸ Mark all unread messages read with just one Click.
▸ Privacy mode to protect your messaging data with touch ID.
▸ Customize messaging service order in the side menu.
▸ FaceTime calling from WhatsApp & Telegram numbers.
▸ Customize notification as per your requirement.
▸ Shows notifications badges for individual services.
▸ Check if there are any unread messages, right in the menu bar.
▸ Go Full-screen! Chat with your friends, distraction-free in the full-screen mode.
▸ Lightweight all, with minimum installation size.
▸ Retina Display enabled icons
▸ Easy to use user-interface(UI) and user-experience(UX)

Upcoming update:
– More chat services, suggestions most welcome.
– And much more.

One Chat is a third party App. The developer of this software is not affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. Facebook Inc. Telegram Inc. Slack Inc. Skype Inc. Google Inc. Atlassian Inc. Tencent Inc. Twitter Inc. V Kontakte. Yahoo Inc. Sleep Inc. Fleep Inc, RocketChat Inc., MySMS Inc, Tinder Inc., in any way.

One Chat – All in one Messenger for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype, WeChat, Twitter, Tinder.

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