New E-Class – the MOST hi-tech Mercedes EVER!


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Introducing the new Mercedes E-Class Saloon & Estate! At their beefiest, this pair of premium, family-friendly cars come with a 3.0-litre, straight-six engine, along with a mild-hybrid system. The cars can get up to 435hp and 520Nm torque, as well as an AMG Dynamic Pack that adds Race and Drift modes! Are they the answer to the BMW 5 Series and 5 Series Touring? Watch Mat’s guide and find out!

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  1. Its doesnt look like an expensive car anymore…it did on the last one. Although u never know how that looks in person..
    Who am i to comment anyway…cant afford even a cla 😂

  2. this new E-class Mercedes has no own characteristic, just look like an bigger A-class, after watching this channel, i give up to buy E-class, I will go for 5 series

  3. People in the comments are critisizing the looks because it is apparently too close to the A class. I personally think MB A class sedan is a great looking car – far better looking than small Audis or BMWs for example. I guess people want lower segment cars to be designed ugly on purpose so that upper segment cars look better in comparison.

  4. Why go to all this trouble on this car mast people will only be going from the airport to the hotel at maximum fare rate.

  5. It's so God damn ugly in comparison to the old e class, no class, but the new e class amg looks pretty good with the grill

  6. BTW, Lexus has gotten so much backlash for it's touchpad over rotary center console dial controller. Now Merc has seen that it was the better future proof design. I hope this is mentioned Matt. 😁

  7. Mercedes strategy to make every model looks similar worked great in previous generation but not this time, especially when A class was introduced first and even new S class looks like elongated version of that which is insane

  8. Yea no sorry, this is not what i expected… Yet ANOTHER un-inspiring design from mercedes… "Old" one looks a 1000 times better, this just seems like it was made in pure desperation of updating the line up a bit. IDK why mercedes keeps making their cars look more and more like eachother… I wouldnt be surprised if in 3 years we`d mix up a S class and a A class… Go no clue why the votes are so heavily favored to this car (or well, might be because it says E class in the title, and those who dont care about it doesnt click it, which means the votes are pretty much useless, no info can be taken from it), BMW 5 series and the Audi A6 beats this by a long shot…

  9. I prefer the W212 facelift rear lights and the W213 headlights and the new E class interior. Cant they make it like that?


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