Never Forget You – Zara Larsson Feat. MNEK (Lyrics)


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— Never Forget You – Zara Larsson Feat. MNEK (Lyrics)

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  1. Dis reminds me of my old cat jasper. I loved him so much but he got took away from me 😭. I’ll never forget u jasp xx

  2. I'm crying bc my ex BFF stopped being my BFF bc my friend pranked him on my phone asking him to go out with me to see if he would cheat and he tried to call me but I didn't know he's been asking me what's wrong and why i had been tired and swearing more than normal
    and I told I thought we weren't friends and he said he never said that and I didn't tell him the real reason which was I was depressed I miss him being my friend bc he would make me laugh when I was sad I miss him so much

  3. HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY CAMERON BOYCE!!!!! I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!! 💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕💙💜💕

  4. This song makes me cry because I am moving schools and I’m leaving my bestie and it’s so sad I started to cry the day my mom told me that I was moving and this is to my friends rubi,Christine,and Itzayana

  5. It’s interesting. 4 years ago, I listened to this song to help me heal from the fact that my bird died, and now, I’m listening to it to help me heal from the fact that my amazing ex broke up with me.

  6. I sang this song to my crush and his reaction was
    yuz I will always be by your side
    And me ly
    (Love you: ly) (kiss: kiz-) (too: to) (yes: yuz) (a face: ;w;)

  7. I cried so hard cause I thought of my sis and uncle that died my sis never got to see the world but I have my youngest sister


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