My journey from Marine to actor | Adam Driver


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Before he fought in the galactic battles of Star Wars, Adam Driver was a United States Marine with 1/1 Weapons Company. He tells the story of how and why he became a Marine, the complex transition from soldier to civilian — and Arts in the Armed Forces, his nonprofit that brings theater to the military. Because, as he says: “Self-expression is just as valuable a tool as a rifle on your shoulder.” Followed by a spirited performance of Marco Ramirez’s “I am not Batman” by Jesse J. Perez and Matt Johnson. (Adult language)

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  1. Ok, did nobody realise that if he didnt have that montain biking acident none of this would be happening.😲😳

  2. Adam Driver is so articulate and decent. I loved the reading though. A very compelling play and engaging performance by Jesse Perez. It brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing that Adam Driver didn’t just take his success and wallow in self-interest – instead he used his success and growth to facilitate such an amazing acting and human development program. Kudos! So impressive!

  3. Such an interesting dude. I'm not one to get into an actor or any type of famous persons life/career, but he just seems different. I can't explain it. I just have an overwhelming respect for him, both in his acting but as a human being as well.

  4. Did he do anything acting in between leaving the Marines and applying for Juilliard? Juilliard is insanely selective, it’s amazing how he managed to get in despite little experience. A natural actor.

  5. Great actor, excellent human being and fantastic storyteller. Thanks for serving our country 🇺🇸. 👍🏽💯


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