[LIVE HD] COVID-19: PM Lee announces 4-week extension of Singapore circuit breaker to Jun 1


Singapore will extend its circuit breaker measures by 4 weeks to Jun 1, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced in an address to the nation on Tuesday (Apr 21). Mr Lee said that the aim is to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases in the community “decisively”. Read his full speech:

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  1. Sir since you mentioned dorm why the director of the dorm never come out to make an apology? Why the law never take action on them? They failed to put immediate safety measures during covid19 breakout. The director are very irresponsibility you should sue them until their pant drop. If you don't mentioned the dorm I won't bring out to your attention. Hee…

  2. Once thing need to highlight , Present Hairdressing must closed for more then a month will reopen on 1 June.. If the person hair is long then go where to cut hair…

  3. My message as a Malaysian to my Singaporean friends is that this pandemic surely will pass . So , with that in mind , enduring all that you 're u dergoing prese tly will be easier. Here , in Malaysia , the strict measures adopted seem to be paying off , humbly speaki g. Lately , infections have dropped very sig ifica tly ,with Selangor recordi g zero case on one particular day. The light at the e nd of the tunnel seems to be drawing closer. And I am sure Singapore will see that light too ,soon , God willing . Cheers .

  4. The migrant workers live in terrible condition for the past several decades in Singapore, where they provided their hard work. They must be taken care at this time and this message sounds very promising for all.

  5. We are indeed in an unprecedented times for Singapore. Thank you all those who working hard to keep Singapore safe! Really appreciate!

  6. Singaporeans think they are better than others… better than foreign workers… white expat treated like royals… sad communities of fake values… kiasu gives.. kiasu gets… good riddance… now you are no. 1… RIP Singapore..

  7. NWO Is Here! Bill Gates Patents Human Slavery Mark of the Beast System with Patent #666www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4jtqWJgm5s

  8. NWO Is Here! Bill Gates Patents Human Slavery Mark of the Beast System with Patent #666www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4jtqWJgm5s

  9. Don't always judge Singaporean cannot take this job etc: construction, clearing toilet bowl, all for foreigner worker can do all Singaporean also can do. if clearing toilet bowl salary start from SGD 4000 guarantee long queue. if intend to use cheap labour and take more profit then push the word to the local citizen. How to balance if you holding certificate or no certificate, this is the issue make the world not balance not only in SG. Certificate only can proof you have more knowledge does not mean you are smart. Agree with it if you holding certificate yes you can work in air-con environment but in salary should not much difference. if everything go for balance the earth with be more healthy and human will be more happiness.

  10. a-symptomatic, right why is that because you can't test for covid19 but you test for some antibody which could be caused by many other things right lets talk about this

  11. lock up logistic, when people stop virus stop, wear mask no matter sick or not, economic value less than people lives value.

  12. I wish to know, did Mr. Lee drink the water given by Doraemon? first drink, he can speak Malay, second drink , then he can speak Mandarin. hahahahha.

  13. Thank you for your information and news. Those who view this video may have a good idea which they can apply in their home city or country to fight against deadly virus COVID-19. Proud of you Mr. PM Lee. May Almighty God Bless all of you. Harry Soemyint Chiangrai.TH

  14. How come got reservoir of untraceable carriers but all along always say traceable all that etc. How can that happen if all along reported that all is traceable etc.

  15. I’m enjoying the circuit breaker – it’s the perfect time to do some self-reflection and rethink priorities. Health and family over money : when you are dying, you are not going to be wishing to have more money to go shopping

  16. Pm say stay home how about jobless people n those not enough$$ cause of this lockdown people business bad n cannot even go interview find new job …$ 600 is one time payout n then the 500 dollars only selected people based on document what If people do not get the 500 dollarsfrom MSF.. Ya,agree must stay home we worried long term we stay not enough income ..


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