Let's talk about flags, promises, and logos….


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  1. I read Saul Alinskys book, Rules for Radicals after hearing Righties going nuts about what a horrible commie etc he was.
    He said that spitting on cops, calling them pigs, and burning flags just enrages the normies, and closes minds.
    I don't always succeed, but I normally try not to swear or insult, I prefer humour and good faith argument.

  2. Growing up when I did I dated my fair share of Vietnam vets. And you're right, the flag had tremendous meaning to that group of men. They all called it a "coffin drape."

  3. Well, you can't burn a flag to send a message, I've learned that writing a book also isn't the solution because nobody has fuckin bought a copy yet. What the fuck is anybody supposed to do?

    The answer-Nothing can be done-They are too many people brainwashed and insane. Nothing can be done about that, other than possibly learning about genetics/DNA and reproducing with the right people to prevent birth defects.

  4. I agree with you about what the flag actually is. I also think that the government believes the current flag has the industry emblems instead of stars. Right now our government has transformed from by and for the people to by and for the dollar. This is off topic, but it really pisses me off that trump is pimping out our military to Saudi Arabia.

  5. The idea of freedom of expression is under atack in America by the base of the Republican party. They basically do not understand why the constitution was created.

  6. When I was i the Army we were told that are two ways to dispose of a flag. It should "burnt or buried". Burning the flag to honer it is accepted. Burning the flag in protest is illegal. So its your words that there banning. there banning "protesting". Your right to free speech.

  7. I would add that regardless of how you may feel about the flag, it remains a symbol of the US government designed under US law. Destruction of a government logo as a protest against government policy makes perfect sense. And if you call it "desecration," that indicates idolatry in holding a piece of cloth as sacred. I wholeheartedly agree that it is absurd to demand criminalizing liberty in the name of protecting a symbol people think means liberty. Further, the government that flag symbolizes wants to create a counterfeit of those principles of freedom, replacing it with our subservience to that government.

    Burn the flag.

  8. You know I have to admit that I'm tired of seeing flaming flags everywhere I go. I can't even go out for a cup of coffee without seeing a flaming flag somewhere, we really NEED that amendment, it will be worth the millions of dollars it would cost to get it passed. (if anyone was ACTUALLY doing anything more than making noise to rile up the herd)

  9. The Founding Fathers weren't all that specific about what they had in mind because they were sure to be challenged on the idea of deposing the British only to place themselves at the top of the political food chain. Jefferson's concern for freedom didn't extend to his slaves.

  10. During my high school time (1990-1994), America was in the Gulf War and we were told that if you didn't stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance we'd get detention. At that time I was in an old style knee brace and could barely walk. I asked if I could remain seated because of the brace and say the Pledge from my seat. I was told I'd better stand with the rest of class and say it. After that, I stood because I had to but I stopped saying the Pledge and looked above the flag not at it.


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