Katy Perry – Rise (Lyrics)


Music: Katy Perry – Rise (Official Lyrics to Rise)
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  1. 0:57 1:09 1:14 1:18 1:28 1:32 1:39 1:48 1:55 2:13 2:24 2:29 2:34 2:43 and 2:48 Rise high notes middle side E flat minor

  2. I have decided after the last guy I really leaned into, thinking I might have a relationship with, who walked way saying I love you but something is missing… 

    It hurt and it took me a minute to process the rejection…. I discovered this about myself by asking myself questions out loud and answering me back…

    I said I love being in love and I decided in that moment to practice being in love with everything even the a/c bird in my car ….. I realized that

    I loved falling in love….

    BUT I HAD An epiphany!!!

    I NOW choose to rise in love instead of falling in love (in all my relationships)…. 

    because falling down sucks and it hurts when we fall down… so what the hell if falling in love anyways?

    Frankly I was quite tired of being hurt. And if the law of attraction is true then all of our words count vibrationally/energetically… ~SO I CHOOSE TO RISE IN LOVE 4Ever More~ This song is perfect for self triumph and ego awareness! Its all A CHOICE!

  3. Omg the last time I listened to to this song was three years ago. And I still can't believe how much I can relate to this, and how much it means to some people

  4. I thought this song sounded familiar when I first heard it and it’s cause it’s the same song State of Mine did only their version sounds a lot different
    I personally prefer the other but the original is great

  5. The support I have received from the very beginning was too much for my heart to take after a lifetime of trauma I will not forget what has been done for me given is all I ever known I will show you thank you for your patience and your time and consideration always

  6. I cannot thank you enough for always standing your ground and being simply amazing as a strong dominant woman a real woman something that this generation of women don't know nothing about


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