iOS 13.4 is more important than you think..


iOS 13.4 – It’s more important than you think.. | iOS 13.4 Review (1 Week Later) – Battery Life, Performance, Features, Bug Fixes & More

Apple released iOS 13.4 last week and while it packed a lot of cool visual features and changes, there’s a huge invisible feature that everyone should be aware of. It’s a feature all about protecting your privacy online.

So in this video, we discuss that security enhancement, along with how the new features are working, the battery life, performance, bugs & much more!

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0:00 Intro
1:15 Experience so far
2:56 CarPlay
4:21 Instagram audio bug fixed?
5:04 What about the text message bug?
5:51 IMPORTANT Privacy change in iOS 13.4 (Article:
7:20 Bugs
9:52 iOS 13.4 Battery Life
11:35 Performance
13:12 Verdict
13:26 Outro

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  1. iOS 13.4 bugs on my iPhone 11 Pro Max:
    1) When searching for a video on Apple TV HD there is no keyboard to the remote control app on the iPhone but only a search bar.
    2) I still have problems with messages aren't hitting all my devices.
    3) The camera app is still slow when i want to edit the picture i just took.
    4) I seem to have a problem in Photos where i chose the pics i want to share, and some times nothing happens when i chose which app i want to share it in. It is a periodic error.
    5) When i play videos in landscape mode i some times get the status bar showing LTE signal strength and time on top of the video. It is also a periodic error.

    Bugs on macOS 10.15.4:
    1) When i double click a picture in Messages i get the wrong picture in the picture viewer app.
    2) I have to open the Mail app twice before it starts if it has been closed completely.
    3) Login into my account using my Apple Watch doesn't always work

  2. on my xr i have no issues with like the setting crash etc like you where having . if you restart your phone fix the issues

  3. I can long-press settings > Bluetooth and it works perfectly. So glad Siri will work from my pocket.. I’ve actually tried this before and wondered why she wasn’t answering. Now, let’s make Siri better!! My battery does seem a little better even though it was awesome before the update.

  4. 2:49 "Some people thought this was a bug at first, but it's not, it's a feature" developers can relate 😀 haha

  5. My 7+ seems to have dropped battery life even though I just got this phone and it’s at 100% battery health

  6. I get a bug where all of thr info at the top does not show for me, the signal, the name of the carrier, the date, and the battry percentage.

  7. Maybe it’s not an iOS bug anymore about your text message notifications. Have you tried resetting all settings? Or have you tried installing fresh with no restore from backup? I wonder if you just have something wrong with your 1 device with some corruption

  8. I had the same issue with the messages and I reset all my settings on my iPhone then I didn't change a setting on messages. I think he's the text message forwarding setting. I don't get messages on my iPad anymore and its now working on my phone

  9. Its true that the battery stay longer, im using my iPhone Xs from 7 hours to 7 hours and 30 mins or 8 hours (I use it nonstop until its low battery)

  10. What about the VPN and connectivity bugs reported by Forbes. Do you look at other sources or just base your recommendations on your own experiences. I always look at the Forbes recommendation before updating any iOS. The VPN bug is pretty serious.

  11. I am using a iPhone Xr and my Instagram when in light mode I can’t see my text rather…… my becomes white with white background of Instagram

  12. Hi
    Since I update to iso13.4 my battery is running down so fast and my battery percentage is down to 90 percent in just 3 days
    And also my phone will just freeze when too much messages come in

  13. I use a iPhone se and it happened once that my assistive touch was gone I already turn it off and on but it didn't came back. I restarted the device and then it came back

  14. Assistive touch now has a second circle on the screen in the middle like a ghost. What’s this all about? Also my phone still randomly freezes all the time. Ever since iOS 13 it’s basically been a pile of shit. Getting to the stage now after 4 years of thinking to go back to Android cos everyday something is wrong with this iPhone 11.

  15. why apple release an update that include huge bug in app like photos? and why in hell a built-in app like photos continues to crash when i try to add photos to faces , are the ios team out there, is an amateur team?

  16. am using iphone 11 pro max. i am a regular user of assistive touch. due to assistive touch the proximity sensor of my iphone fails to work properly.

  17. Hello Brandon, i have the Iphone XS Max and i play Pubg Mobile a lot but after updating to this version the game kinda begin to lag especially after activating guided access mode

  18. Broke my 13 yr relationship with droid , heard Apple got better with the cameras this year and I took my chance with 11 pro max in March first weeek. I couldn’t remember what version I had at that time (13.3?) but it was tremendously insane Under heavy usage I get 2 hrs for 10% discharge , updated to 13.4 sot got a masssive drop from 2 hrs to 1 hr 20 mins for 10% discharge! It didn’t go good with my device !! Camera displays a blank screen for half a sec nw and signal strength got affected . On a positive side the performance is extremely good !

  19. Why doesn't Toyota Entune work. Entune as to be on screen and you must plug cord in usb on vehicle.
    Is there a difference in bluetooth verses samsung ?

  20. @Brandon. Hey Brandon. Could the 10 second delay when going to Edit a photo be due to Live Photos? Maybe if you turn it off – it will stop doing that.


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