Install the Homebrew Channel on Nintendo Wii (LetterBomb 2020 Tutorial)


Here’s a full tutorial and guide on homebrewing your Nintendo Wii console! I decided to make this because I’ve had one of these sitting around and have been wanting to do a homebrew video for a while. I know that this console is over 10 years old, but I figured that some people could get value out of this, whether you are rediscovering homebrewing, or just want to know how the process works. If you guys want to see any future videos on homebrew applications, let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for watching!
Things needed:
Wii Console and Controller –
SD Card (SD – max size 2GB; SDHC – max size 32GB) –
SD Card reader or USB adapter –
Tool at
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  1. Don't have an SD card or access to a computer? Check out my new video tutorial which uses a newer and easier method. All you need is an internet connection and you can homebrew your Wii!

  2. anyone having problems with downloading
    (if u have idm disable the idm module extension in browser and turn off idm while ur downloading this. hackmii doesnt support idm)

  3. im trying this on the original wii with 4.3 but cant find the file in messages ?? can u help………..comment posted 25/4/20

  4. Thanks for this. I never owned one, and just purchased one. One thing I can't figure out, is can the Wii play the downgraded ROMs, or do they have to be complete isos?

  5. Hello mcheal, i dis the same thing, but when i start the homebrew channel its not showing anything beside i have internet, so what should i do in this case? Note that i also reinstall it,

  6. So you NEED to have the wii connected to the internet? If so, it won’t automatically try to update the wii?

    Thank you

  7. so, i successfully downloaded ctgp for a friend and i am now trying to download the homebrew channel, but the envelope is not popping under the message board.
    was i supposed to download homebrew first for it to work properly? or can i just wipe everything on the sd card and try again?

  8. What if after you downloaded the Letter Bomb and you've put the SD card back into the Wii and the letter does not show up on either yesterday, today or tomorrow's date?

  9. Or it possibly does matter for the color of the homebrew channel
    I've seen some people with both the red and blue one
    Or it really doesn't matter either way ._.


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