How to Use Zoom – Free Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings


Video conferencing, virtual meetings, virtual classrooms are on the rise and Zoom is a desktop-based app that makes having virtual meetings a lot easier.

You can get Zoom Here

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Zoom is designed for video conferencing for up to 1000 participants. The free version of zoom allows for up to 100 participants per meeting room.

You can also video chat or just use computer audio for voice chat.
You can easily share your computer screen or portion of your screen with anyone. You can have one on one video conferences.

You can also use a virtual whiteboard to teach or demonstrate a point.

Zoom does not run on the website. You do have to download the app and installed it on your Mac or PC.

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  2. Why do all americans so they are "going to go ahead"? Its a waste of words. Makes no sense to say "go ahead". He said it 7 times before 3 minutes

  3. my laptop screen gets locked automatically after 40min when the video starts, is it because of problem with my laptop or this app?? Please help

  4. Good day sir, I tried to help my mom to use zoom on her smart phone and I downloaded it from Google play. I tried to let her see herself on the video, what option must I choose?

  5. 2:23 why is my screen showing black & my face isn’t shown on the screen when I click that? 😭 also, when I join a meeting, I clicked “video with face”, the same black screen appeared instead of my face. help pls 😥

  6. I just want to make a video to share with my class in Google Classroom to explain a lesson to my students. Do I just click record. I am not inviting anyone just sharing to Google Classroom.

  7. The uploaded background hasn't loaded correctly. I had a message saying I don't have 10.13 and intel (?) is not correct.


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