How to Reshape a body and remove fat in Photoshop. Retouching Tutorial


Learn how to reduce fat, sculpt bodies and change body shape in Photoshop. In this tutorial, Colin Smith shows you how to use the puppet warp tool. This is a lesson from the best-selling Photoshop training, Photoshop CS6 for Digital Photographers

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  1. How to do this when someone is front facing to the camera and the object's belly little bit protuding towards the came

  2. If any woman is photo shopping her fat body and taking deceiving photos just to deceive men they need to cut out the bullshit. Stop making yourself look 160 pounds when you're really 215 pounds, stop lying to yourself and stop eating so gotdam much, if I meet you in person and you don't look like your photo you will never see me again.

  3. This is ridiculous. Background is as important as the model if you want your images to have a decent quality. And this is the best selling Ps training…

  4. This tutorial is probably easy to follow for those who are advanced photoshop users. But for me, a beginner, I find this hard to follow and I feel like you may have assumed I know the basics. I created my layer, but when I go to "Filter" and click "Liquify" the next thing that pops on my screen is an alert saying "Could Not Complete the liquify command because the selected area is empty". I didn't see this warning pop up on your screen. Did you do something prior that made yours work? What am I missing in this step? Oh, and the same thing happens when I click the "Puppet Warp" tool.

  5. So this is an incomplete video?
    You started by destroying the background and didn't even talk about how to fix it? lol amusing

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