How to Reset Skype Password


Steps to reset the password for your Skype® account? Watch these easy steps shown in this video about resetting the password .

Useful videos :

(turn off Compatibility View )
(Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail®)
(allow sites to access your camera and microphone )

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  1. When I try to change my Skype password (for security reasons), it sends me back to reset my Microsoft/Live/Hotmail account password instead (e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. t.i.m.e.), no matter which page or which device I access the "Change Password" fucking feature. Sick and fucking tired of Microcrap. Fuck you!

  2. I cannot recover my password. It requires me to use a microsoft account or something like this, which i didnt have when i created my account. I pretty much cant recover the password for some reason…. could you help me please

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  4. Hello i forgot my skype password and the e-mail that i registered with was hacked… And now i can't acces my skype account… Please help

  5. If you are viewing this video it is because Skype SUCKS and they want you to use a MicroSoft Live login or Facebook login, et. al. They have removed the facility to reset your password for your Skype name.  I suggest using a different program for your instant messaging needs and Skype can blow it out their backside.  This is a problem they created to alienate their users so oblige them and find a different vendor! This happens every time they put out an update.

  6. see the thing is I've gotten an email from the but the only thing they say in the email is the code, they wont give me a link to change my Skype account, It's only sending me to reset my Microsoft account. I've forgotten my password for some time now but my iPod is still connected and that is the only way I've been able to use Skype. I got a new laptop that runs Windows 8 which automatically has Skype installed, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do since its not letting me reset my Skype password

  7. Hi! I can't remember my password and e-mail I registered does not exist anymore, for it was a company e-mail where I worked very long time ago.

  8. Hi there, My skype account has been suspended and i need to change my password, but when i try to change my password they dont let me, because my old password was 5 letters, so what should i do?

  9. hi ,how can I retrieve my pass on Skype ?,when entering my mail and click reset button on Skype support page it says I ll receive mail back but I have no mails back.
    do u know how can  I restore my Skype
    thks a lot   

  10. I forgot my email address to please help me my friend checked my skype profile but sayed for long time you not online he cant show my email id so please help me


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