How to Make an Invoice


How to Make an Invoice

Learn how to make an invoice for free with help from FreshBooks. Understand the essential pieces that every invoice needs, take a tour of the new FreshBooks Free Invoice Creator and create your own for free.

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Creating an Invoice Couldn’t Be Easier!

Looking for an invoice creator software? Provide your clients with a professional invoice and get paid once the job is done. It’s simple with Freshbooks Free Invoice Creator. It’s an easy to use and free invoicing tool! An invoice is an important part of any business, and providing a great invoice really showcases your business to every customer you provide it to. FreshBooks makes creating a professional and good looking invoice simple and painless, saving you time and effort which is great no matter what industry you’re in.

Looking for how to create an invoice? Your customers will appreciate a clear and easy to read invoice that allows them to understand exactly what they’re receiving and at what cost. You’ll also be able to customize the invoice to make it all your own and really showcase your business in a way that makes sure your customers remember you and how great their experience was.

Go to from your browser. From there you’ll be able to create and download a great invoice to send to your clients for payment. This video is a quick breakdown of how quick and easy it is from start to finish to create the perfect invoice.

You’ll see how to:
– Find the Invoice Editor
– Fill in your company’s information
– Fill in the customer’s information
– Fill in the invoice number for bookkeeping/tracking
– Edit the date if necessary
– Adjust the currency
– Add the items/costs of what you sold and add additional items and taxes
– Add discounts or additional information

You’ll also see where to find the amount due total and anything else the invoice includes.

FreshBooks has really streamlined the invoice creating process to make sure that no matter what industry you provide products or services in you’ll be sure to offer your clients a great invoice which means you can get paid. We look forward to adding value to your business!



  1. I would suggest all to use as they offer a nice variety of commercial and business templates. It has also customizable invoice templates, which helps me to create an invoice for my corporate customers at ease.


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