how to login change, create and delete Users under phpmyadmin in localhost


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This lesson is all about how to login, change password, create/delete user accounts under phpmyadmin in local host.

How to login phpmyadmin in localhost?

The default username is root

1. use user name as root

2. do not enter anything in password field keep it empty

3. click the Go button

how to change the password of phpmyadmin in localhost?

After login

1. Go to General Settings

2. Click Change password

3. You will be get three options

No password

Password (you can manually type and retype the password and click Go)

Generate password(In this option you have a button named Generate which automatically generate password from you)

4. Once you click the Go button you will see the below message for successful action.

“The profile has been updated.”

How to create username and password for phpmyadmin in localhost?

To create a new user account

1.login to phpmyadmin with admin access.
2.Click on the User accounts tab at the top. Add user account
4.Fill in the Login Information
5.assign the Database and Global privileges
6. click the Go button

How to Delete user account from phpmyadmin in localhost?

1.login to phpmyadmin.
2.Click on the User accounts tab at the top.
3.Select the users under User accounts overview
4.Click the Go button in the Remove selected user accounts area.

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