How to Forward a Message from Facebook®


If you are looking for the steps to forward a message from Facebook®. Watch this video If you want, you can forward the messages from your Facebook® account to your friends, in the very same way like you would do from any of your other web-based e-mail accounts such as Gmail®, Yahoo!®, Hotmail™, etc.


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  1. Please!!! Either update your video or remove it, Now it is just click bait, no more.. Google should be ashamed of themselves for listing this video among the answers to this question, but they own YT and want people to come to it, no matter what.

  2. I specifically want to be able to share the posts – Jobs South Africa- that I get on my facebook page- but cant. I know so many who would love to have this as a resource

  3. With all respect, I am on my FB page and with a message open and NOTHING on my page looks like what you show in your video or describe. I use a PC. There is no ACTION BUTTON on my page. I have no idea what you are describing. This is the case every time I watch a You Tube video of HOW TO. Thank you for trying however I am frustrated I see no way to forward a FB message.

  4. No that isn't right what I asked was how do u forward a message on Facebook messenger there are no areas that u showed that you can do that there is supposed to be a box that appears at the side of the message but I cannot get it to appear

  5. Facebook has removed the forward option, I have a video I want to forward but there's no link so copy and paste wont work !

  6. Actually, it's a voice message, i can download and send it but i want people to hear it without downloading that could have been only to forward. Ya, it can be done through Facebook messenger but i don't have android phone. This is first time that despite having Lap i'm feeling need of Mobile phone, i'm really in a fix. Help Me!


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