How to Design a Flag


A video for the 4th of July about vexillology and flags from all over the world!
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The History of the Interrobang:

How to Design a Logo:

John Green’s video about the political situation in Nepal:

Learn more about flags:

End music by Hank Green:

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Thanks for watching, and DFTBA!



  1. Great! You live in NJ, too? I am amongst the people who would want to change the state flag. I, like others, have a design of my own.

  2. Actually Nepal isn't the only flag that's not a rectangle I mean come on you said them in the video Vatican and Switzerland are square NOT rectangle

  3. Excuse me!I live in Oregon and it's pronounced Oreg"e"n,NOT Ore-gone.2nd the Beaver on the reverse of our flag is our state animal,because we are the,"Beaver State".Thank you.

  4. The American flag and the Malaysian flag look so similar, but has a different meaning.

    America's Flag: 50 stars representing 50 states and 13 red stripes representing 13 original colonies.

    Malaysia's Flag: 14 red stripes representing 14 states in Malaysia and 14-pointed stars represting unity between these entities.

  5. I just realized that in this world the study about flags is exist. Vexillology is cool, thanks for the information about it. I think I inspired to being a vexillologist


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