how to delete messenger group in mobile 2019-20 new☑️


Hi friends in this video we will see how to delete Facebook messenger GROUP.

Anna Yvette _ AFK – Clouds [NCS Release]

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  1. Yr plz mujhy koi bata dy mujh sy video send ho gye group man or many delet bhi krdi lekin wo video baqi members k pass ha so delete kesy kron un k pass sy koi app kuch bhi

  2. Well those members can just get the message that you deleted them right?
    Youre not actually deleting the whole created group!
    This is the thing Facebook is so outdated that it doesn’t have all of the command request I wonder why they should have good IT’s but its too poor the app doesn’t have all these features smh🙄

  3. everything is ok.but when i search that group.than i saw that group & inside information.. i never want to see that information.but i can't anything now.

  4. hi do you know how to delete permanently as in permanently

    cause whwn i searcht he group where i left, i can still se the past conversations

  5. I am the group creator and our Group have other admin if any Other admin removed me from my group so how i will back my Group? Any solution??


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