How to Create a Playlist On YouTube 2020 [New Method]


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YouTube are in the process of creating a new Creator Studio for video creators and some of the basic functions have changed, one of them being how to create a playlist on youtube and add videos to them. In this simple tutorial, we show you how and an awesome way vidIQ can help you even more with playlists!

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  2. Thank u so much for this video,this is really helpful..
    I want to grow my youtube channel😍🥰

  3. Questions: Do you have to be in/use the New Youtube to get playlists to play?
    For a while, my playlists stop after the first video + I'm not in the New Youtube + am using Friefox.

  4. Hi there! I have a question how to create custom videos playlist? how to create different channels videos playlist ? Thanks

  5. Wow it work thank you so much i been making a playlist a long time this is really helpful im really proud

  6. where do i download VidiQ also can you manage playlist yet or do i still need go to view_all_playlists still

  7. I have set up playlists for my videos but sometimes they don't autoplay one to the next. I thought this was the whole point of having a playlist. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Thank you

  8. Thanks for your help
    My new gamming channel

    My new channel please

  9. Dam I'm trying to make a playlist through the phone app but it doesn't seem to have the same settings and options :/

  10. Such clear instructions. But I have about 60 different playlists in my library and would like to order them alphabetically – or better still, into different folders. All I can find is how to sort content within a playlist, or how to create sections on your youtube channel. Please help!

  11. Is their a way to stop getting ads on a private playlist that only I am listening to? It's annoying every couple of songs I have to hit the skip ads button.

  12. your tutorial is indeed useful for my new channel improvement, Brother! thank you! stay safe everywhere you are!

  13. Thank you you helped me a lot with the playlist thingthank you so much you have supporting me so well with my YouTube channel thank you I appreciate it

  14. Thank you! I thought what is wrong with me that I can't make a playlist! Other videos had the old way. Thank you!!


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