How To Create A Facebook Business Manager Account & Ads Account || Shopify Help Center 2019


If you want to create ads with Kit, use the Facebook marketing app, or other marketing apps, then you need to first create a Facebook Business Manager account and an Ads account.

It’s important to note that the Facebook visuals in this video might be different from what you see depending on any updates Facebook has made to their admin. Shopify is not able to support Facebook issues, so please be sure to use the Facebook support articles listed below for further help.

First, you need to create a Facebook Business Manager account. This is a free tool to organize and manage a company Facebook account. You oversee your Facebook business pages, ad accounts and more. You’re also able to have staff logins so employees can help you manage everything.

Facebook Business Manager help »

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  1. Timestamps:

    0:00 – Intro and important details
    0:32 – Facebook Business Manager
    1:05 – Ads Account
    2:04 – Link Payment Method

  2. When I add the page in busniess manager it say pending request, but there is no message on the facebook business site to accept it..even though the linked mailadress is the admin on the facebook site.

  3. I have my facebook business account. If i want to make another business account what should i do?, they are showing me only add page or business settings option.

  4. Hi,
    I want to start Facebook marketing.

    I want to use Facebook business manager account (not personal account)

    I don't have any company registration because I start my business very low investment.

    After making some profit I will do company registration for my business.

    My question is-

    Can I open and use Facebook business manager account without any register company?

    Is company registration needed for opening Facebook business manager account?🤔🙄

    Now If I don't give company registration documents in Facebook business manager account then-
    is Facebook banded my account?🤔

  5. Life Saver! Thanks so much for the walk-through….I could have never done it without this video. Facebook Business Manager is a NIGHTMARE! xox

  6. Hey guys, so i Do everything as instructed and after i put in my website in business.facebook and click submit nothing happens! it's very frustrating, anyone know a solution?

  7. I've had a problem where I would make the ad, and while I was making the ad, Facebook opened another window, and it said, we've noticed some suspicious activity on your account. I followed all of the steps, and then a couple of days later, after Facebook reviewed it, they disabled my account. I had not done anything wrong, or out of order. Then I tried doing Facebook business manager with another account. I was able to make the ad, and it was in review. After 12 hours Facebook came up with the exact same message saying, "We've noticed some suspicious activity on your account." I'm really hoping someone is able to help me out with this.


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