How to cook 5 minute Barfi Mithai Indian Sweets || Raji Osahn


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I am in love with indian sweets, now here is something for you all who want to make love barfi / mithai at home! It contains no harsh ingredients either!

Make 5minute Barfi/Mithai indian sweets at home! Here is the recipe for the 5 minute Barfi/Mithai indian sweets at home:

250g Gulab Jamun Milk Powder
300ml Cream (double cream/ light cream/ Single cream)
1/2 small bowl of sugar (roughly 4g or less)

Extra ingredients:
Cardamom Pods seeds
Pistachio nuts

Mix all 3 main ingredients in a bowl
Place the bowl in the microwave & cook for 5 minutes, on every minute, mix the mixture
On the 5th minute, take the bowl out & add your extra ingredients, then place in the microwave for another 1 minute

Line a tray & place the mixture in the try & allow it to cool for 1.5hrs

Then you have dive in! Enjoy the yummy 5 minute barfi mithai indian sweets!
Thank you for watching!
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  1. Microwave cooking for Indian Sweets isn't really the best way of cooking.. keep it more traditional by cooking on slow heat.. it really makes the flavour more authentic

  2. I tried your recipe I wasn't happy with the soft texture so I used more milk powder and I noticed after the 4th minute the texture was just like stove top burfi and it set really well. I don't know about using whole seeds though taste a bit lavender overload

  3. Indians will be Indians……………….. hahahahahahah. They copy everything just as this recipe was copied from another youtube videos and she made this video….n was that Indo-UK accent??

  4. came out v nice ty for the recipe i used milk instead of cream and used stovetop. just thickened milk so it turned into khoya

  5. Good recipe, however, why blame your in-laws for a small kitchen? That was a redundant bit of information that spoilt your entire presentation. What a pity!

  6. Hi I see ur video please spafic measurement all ingredient just IYou mix but how much uYou did not says please do so

  7. would like to see the final product – got the feeling this was still soft, which is where I always struggle with these sweets


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