How to: Add your Logo to your Outlook Email Signature


Step by Step tutorial on how to add the logo from your website to your email signature in Outlook – reviewed in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. For more tips visit our blog at:



  1. Cool, But I recommend trying NEWOLDSTAMP generator. In 2018 email signature generator allows you to create a consistent HTML email signature without coding skills, involving an IT department or third-party developers and designers.

  2. Hello there, I want to add password in the signature option when attaching the logo. Can you guide me on how to do it?

  3. hello i also used same technique its work nicely. but my problem is some of my colleagues phone dosen't show inserted logo.
    please in advice. bit urgent thanks

  4. Thanks for your help! Do you want to create HTML email signature for Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc in your mail? Or Office/Company staff?
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  5. Great! really appreciate your explaination, but can you load the email closing signature with photo on a secondary email address ONLY, without changing the default email signature?? Please let me know. Thank you

  6. Really helpful Wow excellent video. I can design email signature . I can design a HTML email signature for $5

  7. i have a problem.. my outlook signature is sent to the recipients as attachment yet i have not attached anything

  8. hi, I have followed your procedure and the image is viewed on thw signature window,, but when i want to include the signuature in the body of the message,, The image is not viewable
    ,. please help

  9. This is great! But mine shows up as an attachment each time, which can be annyoing………. what am I doing wrong?

  10. Thank you very much after watching 7 other videos with the same theme as yours it was a breath of fresh air to find yours which was expressed so well and easy to understand for someone from England as not all american instructional videos are of your standard

  11. Great tutorial 🙂 You can just use a good online email signature generator like though. Then you've got columns, social icons and extra style you can add too!

  12. Hi thanks for the tutorial, putting my logo in my signature worked, however it doesn't show when they reply, so when i look by on what I previously wrote it just says <image001> etc.


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