Google Chrome | about:flags | Secret Setting Menu | Disable AutoPlay


Google Chrome | about:flags | Secret Setting Menu | Disable AutoPlay

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In this video, I am going to show you how to access the about:flags settings menu in Google Chrome and disable AutoPlay in the web browser.

To access the Google Chrome secret setting menu, type about:flags into the browsers address bar.

Once you are on the about:flags page, search Autoplay policy in the search box. Then change the menu drop down option from Default to Document user activation is required. relaunch the browser then the new setting will be applied.

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    What is your favorite feature of this hidden menu in Chrome?

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  2. The web is littered with this same advice on disabling Chrome Autoplay. Folks need to update this advice. It doesn't work anymore. Autoplay policy does not appear anymore in the Chrome experiments web page search bar. In the Chrome experiments page, there are many options regarding auto play features for CC# auto fill and others. But nothing specifically clear regarding videos. The video disable option is either not included, OR it's been hidden in one of the options listed to the point where you have to GUESS where it might be. All Extensions out there that offer to disable Autoplay seem sketchy at best. Google has made it so that if you want to disable Autoplay, you may likely lose functionality somewhere else in your system that you didn't want to lose.


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