Google Calendar Tutorial 2019 – Quick Start Training


How to use Google Calendar including how to create events, invite guests, manage multiple calendars and share calendars using the 2019 Google Calendar user interface.

Great for Google Calendar beginner and intermediate users.

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Features covered include:

Changing calendar views
Creating events
Inviting guests
Creating custom calendars
Managing multiple calendars at once
Sharing calendars
Configuring Google Calendar settings

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  1. Is there a way to invite a group of guests to an activity without having to enter all the individual email addresses?

  2. Anson we are having trouble with the recipient seeing and responding to an G invite. No trouble with those that use gmail, however Hotmail seems to be an issue. Also noticing those on iphones may think they are responding YES NO MAYBE, but it is NOT showing on our calendar. Can you share any light on these issues. 2nd issue, when making changes to an existing invite. IE. Calendar subject might be marked TENTATIVE date for meeting, Then we come back and confirm the invite by taking the existing invite "TENTATIVE" and changing it to CONFIRMED. We then send out the invite again. This should should confirm all of those the responded that they were available and am now simply sending them a confirmation. Is this the proper way to do this?

  3. Thank You Very Much. I did have to stop it once or twice to try out a feature as you suggested. I should have seen this first. Been typing and importing one event at a time from Microsoft calendar..ouch! Trying now to find out how I put in emoji's

  4. How do I share to Bulk Google ID and Mobile#? So they can be in synch with my calendar events and can get the updates time to time.

  5. im trying to find how i can put free slots on my calendar. ive integrated it onto my website and i want customers to be able to book a time slot. every time i try to do it it creates events and shows all the days as busy!

    i dont have the appointment option that some other video's and google actually tells you to

  6. Hi thanks for your video! Can you make a video about how to make a schedule on the excel and import it to google calendar. Thanks

  7. in learning how to use this, foud some tips i didnt see elswhere- do you know how i can add other people to my calendar- so they see events, color code them as who is on my calendar as well?

  8. How do I have the same event show on the 28th of each month over the next 12 weeks?
    I cant see an option.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. for some reason I don't have those three dots to the right to create a new calendar. I found the problem, the reason is because to create a new calendar on my calendar. You have to go to Other calendars under task. Thanks for the video it was pretty cool

  10. I set up my calendar using various colors to indicate a number of things.  HOWEVER, sometimes it comes up with only ONE color on ONE date, when it should be full of DIFFERENT COLORS that have been established.  How can I ALWAYS bring up the FULL calendar…WITH ALL COLORS…ALL the time I click on my calendar.

  11. This is a very useful and clear presentation. I am an outlook and yahoo email person and never used gmail before. It is so different from outlook so this helps alot.

  12. why there isn't menu on top bar of my screen where you said we can, for example change the view from day to week to month view?

  13. Great introduction and great app.i com across this app when I saw a minister was using it for his all meetings schedule.

  14. Great tutorial. Unfortunately, multiple calendars don't work on an Android. None of the appropriate links exist on my phone.

  15. Hi, I only have 'settings' from the three elipses drop down 'sharing'
    The calendar I am wanting to share is in my 'Other calendars'


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