Google Calendar Notifications and Reminders


Calendar uses email notifications to let you know of changes to an event. You can also setup pop-up and email reminders for you upcoming events. In this video we look at how to setup the default reminders, individual event reminders and email notifications.

Check out the Calendar Help Center for more information:



  1. so, will the pop up reminders set in the desktop app, also pop up on your phone? (Provided of course that you have the Calendar app on your phone, and it's logged into the same account)

  2. Choices seen are Notifcations or Emails but not even PopUps also would be good if could make a sound notification this in the New Google Calendar.

  3. My reminders time is different from that of my calendar with the result I arrived two hours early for a meeting. Luckily not late. Please help

  4. The ability to change all events in the calendar rather than the default for newly created events is much needed.

  5. This does not change the notification default time, mine is stuck at 15 minutes before – I have to edit each event individually

  6. I have never understood why, if you get a notification in youtube, click it, click somewhere else, IT DISAPPEARS, AND YOU LITERALLY HAVE TO START SEARCHING YOUTUBE FOR THE ORIGINAL VIDEO AND SCROLL THROUGH COMMENTS IN ORDER TO REPLY! I don't need to be told 'Im all caught up!', people treat their notification system almost like an email inbox.

    Furthermore, why are the options (when commenting) via Google notifications not the same as when commenting normally? I literally have to click the video, wait for it to start, click the Youtube icon ON the video, scroll through a range of comments to find my own, and then click reply in order to enjoy all the options…

    Genius Google, just genius.

  7. My company posts a Google Calendar of our upcoming weekend events. Is there a way to have customers RSVP to these events and receive automated reminders?


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