Goodsmile 2016 Racing Hatsune Miku Figure Review! Another Beautiful Racing Miku


Hello everyone and welcome to another video!

Today we are taking a look at another Racing Miku figure, the 2016 version from Goodsmile. I have been trying to get my hands on this figure for quite awhile now and was lucky enough to find one last week, so here we are!

As I said in the video, you guys will have to let me know if you like these figure reviews, I enjoy making them but dint want to bore you guys if its not what your looking for. Let me know in the comments.

Racing Miku figure:

Outro song:

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  1. Man, I've been binge watching all your videos. you're becoming one of my top YT channels. I use to collect anime figures but, I got married. Would have been cool if she was into anime, but her and I are complete opposites. 😀
    Make me wish I could collect again. The only thing I collect now is anything Castlevania. That my favorite video game.

  2. "I guess there's weirder things people watch other people do". That's so right! But that's also when you realize how much these figures mean to you.

  3. I still want this figure so bad, love the racing aspect and the Yokohama tyres… I found your channel last week and it really got me excited about figures again!

  4. racing miku is ok but my favorite miku is winter miku specifically 2014. but yeah i love all the ones that come out.

  5. Wow!!! She's beautiful Racing Miku 2016 Ver~~~
    Also to share i am on bidding this~ Pray for me please…
    Miku Hatsune GT Project Racing Miku 2018 ver.

  6. Just subscribed! And OMG I envy your collection so much. I'm gonna get my first Miku soon. Greetings from Spain.

  7. Got my first Miku figure in today! I went with Racing Miku ver 2017 it is amazing work. I'm loving it probably on of my favorites so far!

  8. I've never thought about getting a Miku figure, mainly cause I like getting stuff from shows I've seen but, after seeing you unbox different ones it's gotten me really interested in getting one. This one was really beautiful too!

  9. Awesome video!! I love that miku so much, she’s a desperate want for me! I wouldn’t mind multiple unboxings in one video, but I just love figures!!! Love the channel!

  10. Seriously, would have loved to see how you try to open the box with the hard drive xD

    Also, i think one figure per vid is ok. I myself am really thankfull for any video or review on a figure i am interested in, to decide if the figure is worth it or not. It really helps.

  11. another great video!! that racing miku has been on my wife’s and my list on mikus to definitely get when we can. she’s so cute!

  12. I don't really know much about Miku but I'm seeing a lot of beautiful figures while I'm just browsing different sites looking at new figures. Debating on picking on up.


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