Facebook Messenger Tutorial : Facebook Messenger Active Now Hide/Unhide


The other day I was making a video show you how to disable last active on Facebook Messenger. This video will now show and explain to you how to hide and unhide Facebook Active now section on Messenger.
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– Facebook Messenger Tutorial : Facebook Messenger Active Now Hide/Unhide

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  1. Does it mean there on facebook messenger because someone says they dont have it and are not on it but there dots on are they just on Facebook or dead sure on messanger.

  2. Home icon, telephone and camera icon all suddenly disappeared (on the bottom of the app.) I uninstalled,and reinstalled, still the same ..please help…thanks in advance

  3. Does The active now contacts which show on ur massager does that only show the people who we contacted before or viewed their profiles ??

  4. I have a problem with messenger… I can't see last active of any of my friends… Like.. it only shows 59 mins ago and after that its blank … Opera shows the last active but not in messenger please help me

  5. i have a friend on facebook which is friend with me but i can't sent messages to him bcz when i text to her than on messenger some thing is showing to me like that…the person is not availabe at the time so what i can do to chat with him now we are chating with each other on facebook coments

  6. If your message stays at sent and doesn’t go to delivered, does this mean they have ignored messages from you? Cuz I don’t get any notifications saying they did that

  7. A better way to clean up the device is go to settings and cache storage. Hit clear cache. You need to be better educated on the subject you are describing here.ill help you in the future I will


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