Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Switch Review – ULTIMATE WARRIOR?


The Dynasty Warriors series arrives on the Nintendo Switch with a port of 2014’s Dynasty Warriors Xtreme Legends: Definitive Edition. Hot on the heels of the crossover game, Warriors Orochi 4, does this game hold up well enough to warrant a purchase? Find out in our Dynasty Warriors: Xtreme Legends Nintendo Switch Review Video….

Official Synopsis: –

Features of the DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition

Includes the content from DYNASTY WARRIORS 8, as well as the additional features from DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: Xtreme Legends, in a single game.
A rich Story Mode.
A plentiful variety of game modes that will have you keep coming back for more.
Includes all of the downloadable content from past versions of the game.


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  1. Value for money raises an interesting debate with some games. Does the fact that this is a port automatically diminish the value? Even if the amount of content is fair and it's reaching out to a new audience that have potentially not played it before? I'd be interested to know people's thoughts. Glen

  2. Anyone ever play Lu Bu's final Hypothetical route battle? the background music isn't just any song it's also the theme song in the opening sequence.

  3. Glen, thanks for the review. Will you guys be reviewing Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate when it releases in February?

    Also, I like your accent.

  4. I have Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors for Switch. I have DW8 Empires for the PC. I am thinking about getting this but I just do not want to get burned out on Warriors games. It's on sale now on the E-Shop for $27.99. So very tempting.

  5. So at the time of this post this complete DW8 port is currently available on the eshop as part of the Black Friday sale from 40 USD down to 28 USD until December 4. Wondering if now at that price its worth it.

  6. I buy Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends – Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch
    But in game no have  all Dlc costume any charecter
    I thought the dw3-6 costumes (among others) were included?
    Where are they?
    Please Help me

  7. Whether it's on Vita, or on Switch, I find it hard to unlock the alternative endings, where the story of Shu goes on even after Guan Yu's death, or the story of Wu goes on even after Zhou Yu and is now to Lu Xun's era, or the story of Wei goes on even after Cao Cao's death. Them alternative stages are just tricky to unlock, like you gotta keep someone alive to see him or her on the very next stage so that your team will win instead of losing like in the original scenarios, etc.

  8. Played dw4 on ps2 looks the same nothing new wish it had something different at least on the ps2 you had guards that followed you

  9. When I bought this game on Switch and started it up, I got a message saying that I had unlocked some costumes because I had Warriors Orochi 4 save data (not surprising, since that was revealed when the port was announced)… and then I got messages saying that I could unlock more costumes if I had save data of Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada, and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Those three games were ported to the Switch in 2017, but they were Japan-only releases.

    Did you get those messages too, and do you think it might be a sign that those three Switch ports will eventually get released outside of Japan?

  10. Well if anything i wanted DW8 Empires getting localized for Switch since it is already on Switch in Japan and Empires were my favorite ver of any dynasty warriors.

  11. I already finished this countless times in my psvita and dang why would I buy a switch to play this again when the graphics is the same as my psvita

  12. You know, with ports to the Switch I generally see their value increase. Many of them often come with the complete package, all the DLC, ect. while also being the only version of that game that is portable. Sure you might have a nicer looking game on something like an Xbox, but you can't bring that game with you and I for one would gladly trade graphics for portability.


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