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It’s time to go back to Ancient China and take the Han Dynasty on in full force in this huge instalment for the Playstation 4!

Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition, is the full fat no messing around version of Dynasty Warriors, with a huge line up of characters, stages, modes and additional content, you’ll never need another Dynasty Warriors game again!

If you want to see more Dynasty Warriors related videos, hit the annotations at the end of the video to see some more of my videos!

Have you ever played this game?

Drop me a comment below and let me know to get a discussion going, I’d love to hear your views and stories on the game!

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  1. It's fairly affordable these days, and I've been itching for an adventurous hack and slash… looks promising. It only costs half as much as Dragon Quest Heroes and I prefer the darker visuals.

  2. Complete edition…. but pay for the dlc to have all the content available…
    (Tim Allen voice) ughhhh

  3. Just picked this beauty up reminiscing on DW2 days I wasn't disappointed with its progress, heard horrible things about 9 so thought I'd settle with this one.

  4. Did I just see a real Dynasty Warriors review who doesn't say it's just a re-skin of a previous game?
    Did I just see a Dynasty Warriors game taken seriously?
    Seriously, not many people give the new DW games the proper critical eye, just because the games look similar.

  5. Hello, does this game have the trophys for Dynasty warriors 8 and Dynasty warriors XL?
    And if not can i transfer my savegames from DW8 on the ps3 to DW8 XL on the ps4?

  6. I really liked samurai warriors 4 ii, which Dynasty game is most close it , graphically and presentation wise ?

  7. Is there a possibility to remove the that kind od blury background in the short distance it really disruptes me

    Edit on Ps3 the background was Sharp


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