David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession


David Beckham talks about the keepsake he kept from first meeting his wife of 20 years, Victoria Beckham, and reacts to getting trolled for his Lego obsession.

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David Beckham Reacts to Wife Victoria Trolling Him on Instagram for His Lego Obsession





  1. David Beckham it's nice to see a hundred year old push a Zimmer frame up and down his garden and get a knighthood before you you hypocritical shit

  2. I love you both I love you and your wife great family man and husband your wife fantastic mother and wife I think you both are amazing people iam proud of you both respect honesty and real people 21 years god bless you both thank you for your stories xx 😘

  3. With all of the uncertainties in my life, I just hope to one day be happy like David. He is a genuine human, and i wish him and his family the best.

  4. Look at him; so spontaneous, not pretending just so himself , humble, class, calm, friendly, great father, amazing husband & so attractive😍 Can’t just love him❤️

  5. It`s unbelievable that David kept the ticket with Victoria`s number! I am over the moon of their family. Both of them stepping up and giving a great example for their children despite LEGO)) That`s wild!

  6. I went to the concert on my favorite singer .I m 11 years and above her so my friends troll me. The show was unbeliavale I post on the interner . I keep a ticket for memory.

  7. It's unbelievable story about love and its so cute that he keeps the ticket after 20 years. This post on the Internet is very funny😂 I'm over the moon about their family🤗

  8. Sick to the stomach to see the Beckhams bragging about paying 20 million for a flat (yesterday’s papers), while the world suffers, then she has the audacity to offer 20% of her makeup sales to charity! Her freakin eyeshadow is about $60 a pop. Who the feck wants eye shadow at a time like this! Too many people got too much of the cake but some are more deserving and decent than others.

  9. Y'all,you don't have to jump two feet to know how to skii. That's obssured!
    I love David,he's one of my favorite players ever! He's so talented and perfessionalist!

  10. That's wild! I'm over the moon from this dude.Now i know how to step up. I need to take time off and learn some newq information.

  11. That’s wild! When you a step up in favorite deal, you literally are over the moon. I do love it.

  12. I’m on fire! Because David is funny and incredible dude.
    I think he has a lot of common with my husband, he loves LEGO too. But I think it’s things of all men 😂
    So it’s really good to be into something interesting for you 👍
    I laughed at Victoria's trolling very very very much 😄

  13. I was over the moon with Beckham's castle. It's unbelievable! I was laughing at Victoria's trolling very much.

  14. It is cool video. I Like David Beckham.
    I think, it is very good to be into something interesting for you.
    His creations of LEGOs are unbelievable. This giant castle, this car and other. That's wild. I am over the moon.


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