Call of Duty Vietnam is COD 2020…


Call of Duty 2020 is going to be COD VIETNAM!
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I Bought the UGLIEST Skin in Modern Warfare –

Well guys, COD 2020 is no longer Black Ops 5…

…and it’s also no longer a Black Ops Reboot game

The leaks and rumors are now saying that Call of Duty 2020 will be “Call of Duty Vietnam”


There are going to be a lot of Call of Duty 2020 leaks and rumors since we’re getting closer to May, and honestly I don’t know what to believe anymore…

Which is why COD 2020 is now INFINITE WARFARE 4 CONFIRMED!!!


So, what do YOU think about the COD 2020 leaks and rumors? Would you like Call of Duty 2020 to be a Vietnam based game? Leave a comment letting me know what you think! ^-^

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    What do YOU think about the Call of Duty 2020 leaks? Do you think Call of Duty Vietnam is a good idea? LEMME KNOW

  2. merk u might not see this if u do go on google and type nazi zombies 1.3 google drive and downlod its a fun call of duty zombies game

  3. I wouldn't be surprised or mad if there wasn't a COD game this year. The fact that MW2R was released softens the blow if we don't get one. But I feel like the current COD is that good that they can just keep updating that and giving us more seasons and I'd be cool with that. Having 3 majorly different modes in regular multiplayer, ground war and warzone I'm sure we can all keep ourselves entertained. With all the virus crap going on we have such a large library of video games in and out of COD. Even if they just released MW2R multiplayer instead of a new game that would be good.


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