Call of Duty 2020 is Actually Black Ops Vietnam…


Call of Duty 2020 is the next call of duty game and is being made by Treyarch. This week leaks have started to surface that COD 2020 is going to be a Black Ops Vietnam.Today we go over how this could fit into the overall Black Ops storyline. Also, we go over these leaks and talk about their legitimacy. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. There better be a voice line where some shouts “ THEY’RE IN THE BUSHES! “ while sprinting to a helicopter

  2. How many ppl in the Die Hard COD Community actually want a WW whatever game?, I use to be a die hard BF Player and I transitioned over to be more of a COD player over since the release of BF1 and BFV titles. Now mind you, I think it perceived well (BF1), but there was still a disappointment after BF4 that "then" well a BF5 would be up next. That said we know where we are today with BFV, its a split for some ppl, BFV is a flop by most, Me, 50/50, but Iam still looking to get back on pace towards the next "BF" game, My opinion would be skeptical for COD to go backwards if that meant only a minority of COD ppl would like it?, tis why I pretty much stopped playing BF, I probably would not give COD the time of day if it went backwards, Been there did that many times over the last 20 years gaming, but thats just my opinion, mabe the Cod Family of players want it?.

  3. Keep at it! Your success can only be determined by the extent of hours you invest into your craft homie! 👍 gl man! 👍

  4. I hate when they do this, because that means it’s going to be super barebones. This current call of duty is great for all play styles, but just needs to remove any type of sbmm.

  5. I’m doubting that this will be as good as modern warfare I want cod games to come out every 2 years this cod has been in my opinion the best Cod game since bo2

    Also can black ops now just fade out bo3 and bo4 where both just a shit show story wise bo3s multiplayer is decent but bo4 is just a bland unique boring game in all honesty I don’t have high hopes for the new treyarch but I do have very high hopes for the new infinity ward game mw 2019 is so much fun
    (This is my opinion)

  6. Could you imagine a Vietnam/Cold War game with the ruthlessness of World at War, Modern Warfare (2019) and the first Black Ops!?!?

  7. I just wish the modern warfare triology would keep going with some new characters and another villain with captain price 🙁


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