Arthur Potts Dawson: A vision for sustainable restaurants


If you’ve been in a restaurant kitchen, you’ve seen how much food, water and energy can be wasted there. Chef Arthur Potts-Dawson shares his very personal vision for the waste-free restaurant — recycling, composting, sustainable engines for good (and good food).

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  1. @punkposer Dude U gotta go to there website to find them………. over here da community ain't that inquisitive!!!

  2. people in the food-service industry are usually so dumb. im glad this is changing with this emerging generation.
    -NYC Line Cook

  3. I love talks like this: essentially saying "Here's a problem. I don't know a silver bullet to fix it, but I can do something at least". Putting money where your mouth is. Hats off to you!

  4. It's one thing to want sustainable things, another to do it. Small business owners might save money, but it isn't something that could be viable in the long run. Everyone needs to earn money.

  5. what about profesor wansiks mindless eating?
    I love the idea of a sustainable restaurant, but as much as I like to believe the consumer should be more active, I believe they should only have a feeling of active decision. The different cues from the restauran hoewver, should maybe be directing the decision making
    any special thought on that part?

  6. I'm a total geek when it comes to sustainability and looking at the whole process of any resource we use (from gaining it, to using it and getting rid of the rest). So I'm happy to see somebody is thinking the same way and tries to find doable applications for that kind of approach. 😀

  7. @Kiddolinfen09 Well there are some stupid people there, but when I compare the UK to the US there is no competition.
    The average IQ is different to my knowledge.

  8. @Kiddolinfen09 Quite possibly. Or the education system in both is less effective. (IE most modern countries are ahead of the US in education.)

  9. @Kiddolinfen09 The people who are poor in our society often have greater access to cheap ways to not get someone pregnant or not get pregnant. IE Morning after pills.
    Most families have around 3 children. There was a TED talk about it.

  10. @Kiddolinfen09 Of course a large number of people here are poor. There is still problems in this society as well and admittedly a large amount.
    However, the situation in third world countries is that which the birth rate is higher along with the mortality rate. There is a living condition issue in which the people get comfort from sex(just as people do here). And with careful planning and use of a budget, the area's rates will lower. There is a problem with government there also.
    ex. Haiti

  11. @Kiddolinfen09 And we've discovered that the carbon levels lag behind the temperature changes, so the entire premise behind global warming has become nullified.

  12. This is the same kind of person who preaches recycling and then gets a sweet black market deal on Brazilian hardwood floors for his San Francisco loft.

  13. @Kiddolinfen09 Do you even care for the starving children in Africa? If we increase the standard of living and provide condoms then the population will obviously decrease in third world countries. Unless they're conspiracy condoms! BUM BUM BUUUM

  14. @Kiddolinfen09 The idea isn't breathing. It's the fact that there is much less forest than there used to be and that we are overwhelmingly increasing the heat of the earth slowly.
    .5 degrees C will be a horrible horrible dilemma. This is understood by cosmologists, chemists, physicists and cosmologists. As well as many many other intelligent beings.
    It's not a big conspiracy.
    How many of the people living in the US do you think have 12 children?
    That number is greater in Africa.

  15. This guy really thought out how to make his restaurant the best for the world. I hope many other people do this.

  16. @librariannz But you can't live sustainably as we are. We need to change but we'll have to compromise. The planet can only sustain so many humans. It's likely we'll have to reduce our numbers *and* live environmentally conscious.


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