ARMY's SHOCKED to REVEAL What Jungkook Does in Private, This Member Was Excluded?


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Today we talk about #BTS #Jungkook and what he does and we also talk of some of the habits that was revealed by another BTS member, #Suga. We discussed #AgustD new music video and what I think about it. I also wanted to discuss a member that might have felt left out previously. All this tea here today. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  1. suga's undercut killed us all 😂😍🤤 and also how did people not notice that that was jin and jungkook in the back it was the first thing i noticed 😂

  2. Hahaha I sleep like Jungkook sometimes too!!! Usually not when I’m in bed though but if I’m on the floor or couch and sitting cross legged and fall asleep. It’s comfy. Also It’s super comfy to sleep cross legged with them in the back of the couch while laying down. So that it looks like you are sitting cross legged on the back cushion of the couch. But I need a blanket can’t sleep comfortably without that. On the regular I sleep in the fetal position on my left side a BT21 nap pillow between my boobs to keep them separated hahaha oh and I can’t sleep with my back towards the door or anything covering my eyes. Hahaha not that anyone asked but yep that’s how I sleep. Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Yep not possible to just like one of them and my sunshine is shinning, brighter then ever. If I ever meet him and he smiles at me I will literally die.

  4. J-hope is my lovely bias wrecker. He deserves so much love for the love he himself gives. If the sun won't rise, J-hope will. If you can't smile, go to J-hope. Hobi is awesome.

  5. Me saw "what Jungkook does in private".
    Also me to my TaeKook mind : "don't go there go there! Don't…dont go there…ugh! Damn! My mind went there!" 😏

  6. Wait… thats my sleeping position but it is relaxing to sleep like that even laying down while using my phone
    And j hope you have us armys no need to be sad were here for you and BTS
    We purple u hobi and BTS too💜💜💜
    (Btw can anyone relate to my sleeping position bc i wanna know)

  7. Dave, to answer your question, it is comfortable to sleep with your legs criss-crossed. I noticed that before going to sleep, there are three main comfortable positions (for me at least). One of them is with my legs criss-crossed like Jungkook. I cross my legs when sitting a lot, and my legs feel more comfortable when they are bent instead of straight out. Jungkook probably thinks the same (or maybe he has different reasons or does it without realizing. I'm just speculating). It doesn't look comfortable, but it is. It's super comfortable. I don't really know how to explain it better, but I hope that helped😁

  8. Suga when he switch to agustD he show his bad side n I love it….. Jungkook knows how to melt our hearts even he doesn't need it do anything… How we forget to love n respect our sunshine of BTS…. Plzz don't love BTS if u can't love n support all of them… Bangtan forever ❤️ ❤️

  9. Jung Hoseok, I love you with my entire heart. You are good enough! I'm so sorry that you aren't that much to the other people 😔 I love you. 💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺 I love you my beautiful sunshine

  10. I tried doing jungkook's position and IT IS ACTUALLY COMFORTABLE!!!! 😆😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😌😌😌😌💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️❤️😜😍

  11. So hang on, Hobi's talent isn't that far behind any other member? That's funny right there since BTS used to be known as "that band J-Hope is in". He is insanely talented on multi-levels and he is the BTS ball of sunshine. Not hating btw, I'm just a Hope fan for life.

  12. How can you know all the members and not love them all, it's just not possible, yeah jungkook is my fave but I still love all of them you can't not

  13. It made me cry when He said that J-hope got no comments for him because he should get lots of love because like Dave said there is no BTS with out one of them. J-hope is very talented and awesome and I want to send lots of love to him because he does desver it and much more Love you J-hope!!!❤️❤️!!!

  14. Me: watching this at night laying in bed already in that position
    David: shows cookies position yoongi drew
    Me: was already laying like that WHAT THE FRAK IM NOT THE ONLY ONE-

  15. I’m wondering if that’s JHope on the ground, with the hat on, in the car scene??? I just saw a pic on Weverse with the 4 of them on the film set.

  16. I used to sleep like that before but then by time went by my legs started hurting after keeping my legs crossed while sleeping

  17. Agust D (the first album) was amazing too. Even the songs! But I think my favorite song from the new album D-2 is either 28 or strange. All the songs are amazing. 🥺

  18. When i am studying and get tired i go to my bed and study and i sit with my legs crossed and when i get unbareably tried i lay back while my legs are still crossed and that's how i sleep all of a sudden while studying and i dont even notice it…….😅

  19. if I was a member of bts and they ask what sleeping potion you have it would be a blob moving around I once woke up of the other side of my loft bed with my neck handing off


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