Advance BACK WORKOUT Gym Routine with SHERU AANGRISH! (Hindi / Punjabi)


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As we enter Cycle 2 of our advance series, there is no better way to start by featuring the undisputed KING of fitness in INDIA. The one and Only Sheru Aangrish Paa Ji.

In this video we have included some great tips from Sheru Paa ji. Learn from the pros.

This is Cycle 2, we now do Back Workout for Big MASS.

If you are a beginner start with this series below:

Then do Intermediate series here:

Then follow this advance series, each cycle for 4 weeks.

Its a step by step guide which will help you in get to the next level of Bodybuilding!

Following is what we performed in this video:
Close Grip Pull Down (Pre Exhaust)
3 Sets of 15 Reps

Close Grip Seated Row
4 Sets of 10 Reps

T-Bar Row
5 Sets of 15 Reps

Barbell Row
5 Sets of 15 Reps

One Arm Dumbbell Row
3 Sets of 8-10 Reps

Wide Grip Pull Down
3 Sets of 8-10 Reps

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  1. Bhai ap hi ek ho jo ab tak koi controversy me nai fase and thats 1 of d reason y i like this channel very much.
    Aapki workouts v kaafi effective hai paaji

  2. O sunny paji thodiya kya ne bataa… Thode din ne thodiya hi ne rataa…😂😂😂.. Kya bat h… Sheru paji nal milan lyi thank you

  3. pajiiii tusiiiiii great ho i also veg maker i m actor and dancer in gujrati movie i love your seris my bollywooood body
    nice work
    its result fullllllll
    fully efected bossss
    tusssi great ho ji

  4. Paji girls lai jo fat loss wala tusi day wise daya c , ooho strength training to pehla krni chahede aw ya strength training toh baad ch ???


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