"A Perfect End To A Great Show!" My Little Pony Season 9 Review


My Little Pony Season 9 ended this year and with that we’ve to say good bye to some legendary and iconic characters. But not to fear, the show ended in the best way possible leaving nothing unresolved.

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  1. 7:16 Careful. You're starting to fall into the shippers' spiral. My personal term for when fans start hooking up favorite characters from favorite shows. I call it this, because the reasons so many give for the pairings they make leave me dizzy. You see it all the time in fanfiction. The medium is saturated with not even stories. Just senseless banter about how this character should hook up with this character. Or how (s)he should change genders (or orientations). Or how mortal enemies are secret lovers, or characters are inexplicably attracted to someone trying to kill them (or worse). Seriously, there are some real sickos in the fanfic writing world.

    Sorry if I went a little off key. My point was; some shippers get so obsessive with their hookups, they will totally subvert everything about A character. Just to justify their reasoning.

    As for what you were saying? Sorry, but if you continued, the council of friendship meetings would have been reduced to monthly make out sessions. With everybody jumped into the proverbial pool.

  2. When mlp endend i have nothing else to watch, after a few months i started watching steven universe (the movie) and i got attached to it im obssesed with SU now (SU:F) sooo yeah

  3. I'm going to start with a disclaimer. I was never a brony or whatever female fans called themselves. I don't have a ponysona, I never went to conventions and the only reason I own any merchandise is because I like to modify dolls and the ponies are fun and simple projects, mostly. I did watch the show early on and for most of it's run, but there's only a handful that I've seen more than once. Some people may not like what I have to say. I suggest you don't read further if you can't handle anything more severe than watered down enthusiasm for the show. I don't sugarcoat.

    How do I express my thoughts on this. When the show is written well, it's a great show that has a positive message. When it's not written well, it's a festering trash heap of mixed messages and terrible characters being terrible to each other for no reason. The whole society often came off as elitist pricks or imbeciles too stupid to survive on their own. The show would also often treat the other races as inferiors who needed pony saviors to come solve all their problems for them instead of making them viable cultures.

    And you know how everyone who watches your channel thinks I hate Marinette? They have no idea what it means for me to hate a character. I hate Twilight Sparkle. I didn't use to. I used to think she was a fine character. She used to be amusing and someone the audience could relate to. She used to be on an arc that was leading her to be a better person.

    Then they made her an alicorn and didn't have a plan for afterwards, at which point it all went downhill. She reverted back to being a selfish, narcissistic bitch only now she has enough power that no one can tell her to fuck off when she oversteps her boundaries. She is a terrible friend, a terrible teacher, a terrible leader, a terrible daughter and the absolutely worst piece of shit sister. That's right, her crappy behavior actually made me feel sorry for a character who is basically a matched accessory for a merchandising ploy. (I'm talking about Cadence and Shining Armor, the princess of cash grabs and her favorite hand bag.)

    Every time I see that little self righteous shit stain I want to censored with her own censored while I censored censored censored censored like petals off a fucking daisy.

    And that's what it's actually like when I hate a character. The movie made her even worse.

    The other characters were still fine for the most part, barring a few backslides in development. I actually had a complete turn around for Rarity and Pinkie. They started as my least favorites, but eventually became my top two favorites. Either one of them is much more deserving of the title Princess of Friendship.

    I disagree on Starlight. I love her, she had some of the best episodes, only marred briefly by Twatlight dirtying up the background. She was fun and I would have liked it if she had taken over as the main protagonist and Princess Nepotism had been retired(or blood-eagled).

    I stopped following the show when Princess Kim Jong Un opened her propaganda school, but I had been watching less and less of it starting with season six. I did watch the xmas special, that they put out two days before Halloween, screw you Hasbro, and I liked that. It had a very season one vibe to it that was much appreciated.

    So yeah, can't talk about the finale since I'm not going to ever watch it since the main character makes me feel all stabby, which is no good for anyone. Glad you and most of the fandom enjoyed it though.

  4. I loved season 9 and the season finale episode it was so good I wish My Little Pony friendship is magic didn't have to end I love the show so much and I'm glad you reviewed it.

  5. Hey, the episode I voted for; now all you have left is to do a Star VS. episode before exams next week… sorry

    In all seriousness though, and an hour late; Happy New Years' from Canada, from your fan Russell Archer

  6. Yesss! My Little Pony is awesome and anyone that doesn't like it well that's your opinion but My Little Pony is my cure for depression!

  7. In My opinion the last episode of MLP had 15 flaws otherwise I think it was perfect and yes I do think that this ending was perfect in terms of cartoon endings but I need to exaggerate the flaws so…….. Rainbow Dash and Applejack got together and I'm a twidash shipper so you can imagine how I feel, Spike never gets with Rarity… (I mean I knew that was going to happen) why can't he be with Ember ? They would make the perfect couple I swear! Now cheese pie is one of my favorite ships and now they're married so I'm okay with that & fluttercord is Canon so I'm okay with that too .Rarity is straight so my theory that she wasn't bi is correct. oh!& one last thing I forgot to mention….TWILIGHT IS A FULLY GROWN ALICORN, BUT ALICORNS CAN LIVE FOR YEARS,& ALL OF HER FRIENDS AND FAMILY ARE SHOWN TO BE REALLY OLD & TWILIGHT ONLY GROW TALLER.SO BASICALLY THEY LIED TO US BECAUSE EVEN THO TWILIGHT'S NOT IMMORTAL SHE WILL LIVE FOR A LONG TIME & OUT LIVE HER FRIENDS.WHICH MAKES REMEMBRANCE CANON.

    Why Hasbro? Why.

    MLP 4 LIFE! This is truly the end of an era. Good review.

    P.S best pony for me is Queen Twilight sparkle

  8. I think they should have grown apart and Twilight explain to the kid how their friendship was still important to them anyway. I just feel like it would have made the ending stronger.

    Twilight Sparkle's full alicorn body, though. I really like stories about characters ascending and claiming some cosmic title especially if there's a time skip and you see how they fully grow into the role.

  9. I love it show all the ponies they help find their way and the song was so heart felt and the very end they close the book and had a setting sun to show the show turely ending I love it I cryed so much though

  10. People are hateful to others when they don't like something others like. Dude if we liked all the same things life would be boring as hell. CHILL OUT PEOPLE!!!!

  11. I actually have like this whole new story planned out for the next Gen
    It will consist of new characters(only ponies)
    Gen 4 will still be in this gen but gen 4 happened in the past……this is confusing lmao but………..so twilight's student was given the responsibility of being the new element if magic but she denied as she says it's too big of a responsibility and she wants to explore and do what she likes
    Anyways some time pass and twilight finds a new student
    Who finds friends and later becomes an alicorn but……in epsiode 1 of this gen they recreate the elements by using a spell
    Fast forward to season 4 and the elements are accessed by an evil entity who used to be the friend of twilight's second student…she turned evil as SHE wanted to be an alicorn ……this is sooo long lol
    So the elements tear the world apart and reality collapses and the entire universe explodes
    Twilight puts a spell and pushes every one into a portal…………Twilight dies and now everyone loses their memory except one pony…..everyone is reencarnated(spellings?)and gen 6 starts from here
    Honestly I can go on and on but all I want to say is that @TVC I will make a show or a mlp show and I want to make cartoons and tv series so keep ur eyes out for a new show that I will make but…..I'm still in 8th grade…..U will have to wait for 20 years or 10 years Lol

  12. I started the show when I was like 6 or 5 and yes I am a boy but I liked it so much
    Lmao XD

  13. I never thought you were a mlp fan that’s cool thought I think I started watching the show too in 2016 or 15 I thought it was going to aimed at a younger audience which is but I didn’t think I would enjoy the show either but I found things in the show that an older audience could enjoy. I agree it did end off great I also agree with else you said.

  14. Pinkie Pie is my favorite too, mainly because she is the most op pony for being able to break the fourth wall at will, Also happy new year!

  15. I haven’t watched MLP since the alicorn baby was born (I don’t remember her name 😅), but oh my god just hearing about these characters I grew up with and seeing them in the future. Ngl I cried watching this review. What a perfect way to end the decade. Seeing the characters I grew up with and loved since the start of this decade in their new lives was really heartwarming to watch. Makes me want to go back and see what I missed! I feel like I just went full circle with this series :,)

  16. I don't watch mlp exept for some episodes but still good still don't understand why it have one of the most gigantic fandom of all time.

  17. Fluttershy's bite is worse than her bark. Haven't seen the last 2 seasons yet. Would see the ponies all hooked up by the end. I always shipped DiscShy and TwiDash but I guess AppleDash had strong fanbase and heck Twi has the whole Queen thing now. I really need to catch up the stuff with the students who were decidedly not ponies has me interested. I hope the next gen on mlp when it happens is like that with more diversity

  18. I have no idea why the hell I'm watching a my little pony video I hate that trash XD

    Edit: not hate on your channel I just really hate my little pony XD.

  19. I must say that I lost touch with MLP sometime after the first two Aquestria Girls specials. Did watch the first one with Cheese Sandwich, because, Weird Al, duh. But I just haven't kept up with it since.

    Although, I do tease my son, because his hair style of choice looks just like Pinky Pie. (If I could insert a picture, I would.)

    Without cable, maybe I'll catch up on Netflix.


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