25 Astounding Things You Never Knew About Flags


25 Astounding Things You Never Knew About Flags | List25
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Flags are something we all take for granted. Kind of like passports. Every country has one right? Right? Well, yea. But lets start from the beginning. First of all, what is a country? Who says that your backyard kingdom isn’t a proper nation? That in itself is a disputed topic, but generally a nation has to be recognized by other nations. Of course not every nation is recognized by every other nation so this leads to some complications. But we’re digressing too far, the reason we mention this is because flags are not a given. Every flag is not required to follow the same specifications and be a certain size or work within some preconceived framework. Did you know that the flag of Nepal is basically two triangles stacked on top of each other? And did you know that some countries have pictures of guns and weapons on their flags? Or what about the old French flag that was just blank white. That’s right, it was white and nothing else. The former Libyan flag also opted for a single color – green. This all goes to show that although flags are taken for granted, they are as unique as the countries of the world. These are 25 astounding things you never knew about flags!

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Texas is the only US state where citizens pledge allegiance to the state flag as well as the national flag

According to the United States Flag Code, the US flag cannot be used for advertising in any way

Nepal has the only non-quadrilateral flag

Of the remaining countries, Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only nations to have square flags. The rest are all non-square rectangles

Monaco and Indonesia have identical flags except for the dimensions (Monaco’s flag is narrower)

The flags of Romania and Chad differ only in the tone of blue that they use

From 1977 to 2011 the flag of Libya was the only plain flag in the world (green)

But from 1815 to 1830, the flag of France was just plain white

During the 1936 Olympics it was discovered that Liechtenstein and Haiti had the same flag (somehow nobody had noticed up to that point) and so Liechtenstein added a crown to its banner

The big star on the Chinese flag represents the Communist Party while the 4 small stars represent China’s economic classes: peasants, workers, petty bourgeoisie, and patriotic capitalists.

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  1. I am a vexillologist, and a member of NAVA (look it up)…the flag of the United States has had MANY more changes to it than Afghanistan…each time a state (or states) was added, the flag changed…DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!!

  2. Philippines yes thats whats the meaning
    If the blue is on top theres
    If the red is on the top theres war
    👇like nyo kung pinoy kayo

  3. 3:26
    Bangladesh 🇧🇩 flag symbolizes a drop of red blood on green grass. Showing the people's sacrifice for independence and also the lush green fertile vegetation of the country. And circle closer to hoise side to look centered when waving.
    Bangladesh 🇧🇩 is the 7th most populated country with the highest population density. We have the most rivers and the most fertile land (hence so many people). We're 4th largest rice producer and 5th largest fish producer. Bengalis are the 4th biggest ethnicity on Earth. Yet we go so unnoticed. We also have a beautiful nature with the longest uninterrupted sea beach in the world, Cox's Bazaar and the largest mangrove forest, Sundarbans! We have 4 million solar panelled homes, the highest in the world. We're also one of the"Next 11 Countries" for soon becoming the world's largest economies. We're an export-oriented industrial middle income country. We've been ranked number 1 in gender equality in South Asia! Our army gives the most soldiers for United Nations Peacekeeping. We are a peace-loving Muslim-majority country but we don't have the Muslim Sharia law; instead we're a secular nation with Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and minority tribal people all under the same secular laws unbiased and equal for all. We also have Durga puja (for the 10% Hindus), Buddha Purnima (for the 0.6 % of Buddhists) and Christmas (for the 0.3% Christians) as holidays We do business with any country and don't choose sides, even if it benefits us. In 1971, we fought the Liberation War against foreign Pakistani government which tried to dominate and force Urdu language on us. We fought and lost 30 million women men and teen lives for freedom to speak our own mother tounge Bangla. We are the only country who fought for our language. 21st February is thestate language should be Bangla and not Urdu for us. Many students where killed in this protest buy the foreign Pakistani military. now you and has made 21st February International mother language get you respect of the students who died for their mother done and as well as the 30 million people who fought for the language. Our prime Minister, opposition leader and parliament speaker are all women. NGOs support and give jobs to women. That's how dominant and significant position women have in our society.
    We used to make Muslin cloth, which was so thin that a whole dress could fit in a matchbox! We also had the best monasteries and universities. Our capital Dhaka was known as the 'Venice of the East' and 'Oxford of the East'. We were very rich. But we became colonized by Britain, who cut the fingers of the Muslin cloth weavers and exploited a lot of wealth & we became poor. Now we're one of the fastest developing countries launching our own first satellite. Within 10 years we reduced poverty by 45%. We are the 2nd (after China) and soon to be the 1st at making clothes. This 'small country' accomplished all these tasks within 47 years of independence. Without this "small country", you would have been naked right now! (As me make all the clothes)

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  4. In Moscow, I was told that the Russian tricolor flag does have meaning… The red bottom stripe represents the earth, the blue represents the sky and the white represents heaven. Of course, all the vodka might have "confused" things a bit.

    And for those joking about the white flag of France, why don't you ask a member of The French Foreign Legion about their flag…<GGG>

  5. 🇬🇧 the union flag is found on 17 other national flags (Also found on a U.S. state flag, Hawaii)


  6. It's not a national flag but I believe the state flag of Oregon is like Paraguay's in that it has something completely different on the other side.

  7. Re 7.:
    My Mom always tells me, that the white stands for the sky, above the blue seas, and the Red stands for the Red plaza (idk what it's called in english)


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