✅Microsoft Outlook 2016 Tasks and To-Do Lists🗒


One feature that frequently goes overlooked in Microsoft Outlook 2016 is the task feature. If you need a to-do list or a task list, you are probably more likely to find a third party tool rather than using the one that is built into Outlook. This feature works well, but is little known even among people who use Outlook frequently. 

Since the task feature is integrated into a platform that manages email, contacts, and calendaring, it makes your to-do list flow seamlessly into the rest of your work life. Features such as the ability to assign a to-do to someone in your contacts using an email is just one example of how three of the different features in Outlook can work together.  

In this video, we will show you how to set up new tasks and walk you through all of the features such as scheduling, reminders and automatically recurring tasks. Outlook will even allow you to categorize your task lists so that you can separate tasks in any way you like. As simple as this tool is, it is extremely useful and can help you maximize your day when you are wondering what you need to do next. 

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  1. Dear.. Plz help me out.. I'm receiving every day more than 30 emails, every emails has information, 12 or 14 has attachments which I'm keep it in particular folder as clients wise.. But the rest 14-15 emails has different tasks that I have to do this @ 3pm, these things I have to do on Tuesday, I have to apply for so n so.. and for now I didn't gave time for 4-5 emails everyday.. and those r big headache for me. Now how can I prepare a task or to do list for every emails..?? That these r done.. These r finished.. These r remaining ..and these remaining will carried forward in next week.. Every Friday EOD. ITS F***S.. so plz If u have any kind of help.. Plz let me know.. Thanks

  2. Great video, but I have some questions. Is there a way to share a task list with a group of people? Can you automate an email to be sent to the group when a task is complete? We currently use a similar function in Microsoft Access with our tasks being stored on our network database. I am looking to get away from Microsoft access. Any suggestions for an app that would allow a group task list with notifications for when tasks are complete?

  3. Great video but I have a question: I need to send the same email the first day of every month to the same contacts to remember them to do something  (which is the same thing they have to do at beginning of the month). How can I set Outlook to do it automatically? I think you could use a task. Could you make an example of this task? Thanks in advance!

  4. I have daily task what I am doing each day. How can I set up daily pop up reminder 10 minutes before task and do not lose this reminder ?


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